A new approach to the history of ideas.

Starting in 2021, we have re-imagined the Modern Condition course and developed a lecture series that is integrated into the class. The goal of the lectures is to ground parts of the class in the disciplinary research of Adelphi University faculty members and expand the range of topics and ideas investigated in the course.

  • In fall 2021, Professor Jacqueline Olvera of the sociology department addressed texts central to her research on “how the label “illegal” devalues the quality of a person, attaches itself to a body, and contaminates entire groups,” with “a focus on the experience of Mexicans.” Sociological Approaches to Immigration and Legality, Part 1 and Part 2
  • In fall 2021, Professor Kirsten Ziomek of the history department addressed texts contributing to her research on “the experiences of the colonial soldiers and forced laborers who fought for or were coerced into helping the Japanese military during World War II.“ Historical Approaches to Empire, Colonization, and War, Part 1 and Part 2
  • In spring 2022, Professor Hannah Kim of the anthropology department will give lectures on the topic of “What is Culture and What is Religion?” Her research focuses on the transnational Hindu community. Professor Kim is an ethnographer who engages with the scholarship of historians, philosophers, anthropologists, political scientists, and religious studies scholars.

Upcoming Lectures in this Series

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