Trained members of our community are here to listen to concerns and provide guidance.

To allay fears and provide students with the resources they need, Adelphi faculty and staff have volunteered to be part of a new team called Confidential Allies. These trained, trustworthy members of our community are here to:

  • To provide support and be an advocate for members of the Adelphi community who seek out such assistance, particularly those students impacted by recent developments such as the Trump administration’s rescission of DACA and expansion of the travel ban.
  • To be a source of information to the general Adelphi community and more specifically to those who seek such information, including available resources that would be helpful/useful in addressing their concerns and needs.

All conversations with our Confidential Allies are anonymous; however, the University is required to report issues that require disclosure due to Title IX, legal or health issues.

List of Trained Confidential Allies

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