Adelphi’s DACA, International and Immigration Task Force will ensure that the University continues to monitor the issues related to immigration and regulatory changes as they pertain to our university community.  Formed on February 8, 2017, this task force serves to provide guidance, identify opportunities for advocacy, serve as a coordinating body for resources and information; and suggest other actions the University might take.

The DACA, International and Immigration Task Force is responsible for the following:

  1. Crisis Intervention and Response: 

Research, review, and make recommendations on appropriate university policies and procedures relative to the safety, security, and student success of the university’s immigrant and nonimmigrant populations; collaborate where appropriate with established university committees and stakeholders.

  1. Education and Awareness: 

Addressing updates in regulations, law, policy, practice, etc. and informing and maintain transparent communication with the community

Constituencies Served

The following members of the university community will be served by the DACA, International and Immigration Task Force:

  • DACA students and their families
  • Dreamers and their families
  • Non-immigrant international students
  • Immigrant students and their families
  • Student Advocates

Task Force Members

Representation of the task force includes university administration, staff, faculty, and students. 


  • Wendy Badala, Chair, Director, International Services 


  • Andrew Erwin, Academic Director, AUI, Adjunct Faculty
  • Susan Briziarelli, Associate Provost for Faculty Support and Global Affairs


  • Anne Mungai, Associate Provost for Strategic Initiatives and Graduate Studies, Office of the Provost
  • Amrita Madray, Associate Professor, University Libraries
  • Sandra Castro, Assistant Dean Sociology, College of Professional and Continuing Studies
  • Gerald Lennon, Sergeant, Public Safety and Transportation
  • Carmen Castellino, Administrative Assistant Languages, Literatures and Cultures, College of Arts and Sciences


  • Yume Nay Win, Undergraduate Student, Communications Major from Myanmar

Meetings and Minutes

The Task Force meets monthly, and as needed virtually. Minutes will be posted after each meeting.

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