This is a time when many members of our community may be experiencing heightened anxiety or concern. We are here for you and will help you to locate the resources you need to educate yourself and address your needs and concerns.  And if you aren’t sure who to go to, any of these caring campus resources can guide you.

View a comprehensive listing of resources to guide you through the semester.

For medical questions about the coronavirus, contact the Health Services Center at 516.877.6000 or

We recognize that several students, faculty and staff may be more vulnerable, identifying with one of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) categories for increased risk of severe illness. Vulnerable students should consult their healthcare provider. If you are a student who falls into one of the CDC’s categories for increased risk, you are encouraged to contact the Health Services Center. Reasonable accommodations will be made on an individual basis.

You are welcome to remain on campus in between your classes, work, or other commitments, adhering to proper social distancing and PPE protocols. View the list of more than 550 open study spaces on Adelphi’s Garden City campus. All spaces are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

In order to access campus, you must complete the Daily Health Monitoring Questionnaire through the AU2GO app (or via paper at the public safety booth).

Disposable face masks will be provided for students, employees, and approved visitors who do not have their mask with them on campus. Disposable masks, free of charge, will be available at Public Safety, Health Services, CRS, Admissions, and at the entrance to all of our learning centers.

Students will be required to wear masks when in indoor spaces, including classrooms, and in outdoor settings when social distancing cannot be maintained. Anyone found in violation of this policy will be reported to our Site Safety Monitor and to our Student Conduct Office.

As part of our COVID-19 surveillance protocol, a random sample of up to 700 Adelphi community members will be periodically tested. This includes students, faculty, and staff, and is different than any tests that are done as part of contact tracing following a potential COVID-19 exposure.

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