Foundations for Successful Preschool Instruction

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Gain the skills, tools and basic knowledge you need to help create a successful and developmentally appropriate learning experience for preschool children.

You’ll learn about child development and theory, become familiar with the NY State Preschool Guidelines and learn how to create and follow a lesson plan. You’ll learn how to discover instruction tools on the internet, and learn the best approach for doing evaluations. For any professional working with preschoolers, this is an invaluable overview that gives you a wide range of helpful new skills.

Who can benefit:

  • Preschool Instructors
  • Preschool Administrators
  • Preschool Support Staff


Complete all six workshops below in any order to earn a certificate. The final workshop is free.

Child Development Theories and Considerations for Preschool Learning

Learn theories of child development and gain the skills to apply these childhood developmental theories to your preschool-learning curriculum. Theories explored include Erikson’s Psychosocial Developmental Theory and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. You’ll do learning exercises that give you deeper understanding of theory and help you turn theory into real-life learning for your preschoolers.

Guidance and Discipline in the Preschool Classroom

Discuss and review techniques to achieve desirable behaviors in the classroom while preventing disruptive behaviors.

Creating Appropriate Goals and Objectives for Successful Lesson Plans

Become skilled in lesson planning. Learn how to prepare for what you are going to teach, how you are going to teach it and what the goals and objectives of the lesson are. You’ll learn the advantages of building a clearly outlined lesson plan, the components of a great lesson plan and how to instruct and evaluate your lesson.

Preschool Teaching Strategies

Develop your preschool teaching skills. Learn successful methods of instruction by tailoring activities to how students learn best. Teaching strategies such as logo/symbol labeling, sound recognition and matching, switching out activities, involving the senses, establishing rules and tailoring activities will be discussed and explored. As a learning activity, you’ll plan a lesson using two different learning strategies.

Assessment of Learning

Learn the importance of evaluation and assessment in the preschool education setting. Gain new skills in formal and informal methods of evaluation, and discuss skills you can expect from preschoolers, including naming the letters of the alphabet, listening to a book, retelling events, drawing shapes and letters, and sorting objects.

Use of Technology and Utilizing Resources in a Preschool Setting

Discover the myriad of resources available on the web. You’ll explore some of the best instructional websites, become skilled at finding interesting and useful new resources, and have the opportunity to review and share what you find.

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