Below are just some of our most notable alumni who have been making their mark on the world.

Our Notable Alumni

Christopher Armas '94

2002 FIFA World Cup Player- U.S.A

2000 Summer Olympic player, Mens Soccer

Bob A. Beamon '72

Olympic Gold Medalist, United States 1968, Long Jump

June Griffith Collison ’81, M.B.A. ’84

Qualified for the 1980 Olympic Games for the Women’s 400, Track and Field (did not compete.)

Regina Dooley '85

Olympic Gold Medalist, United States 1984, Fastpitch

Arie Gluck ’58

400 and 800 and one of the first athletes to represent Israel in the Olympics at the 1952 Summer Games

Richard Hardware ’73

Placed 16th in the Mens 200 at the 1972 Summer Olympics for the Jamaican National Team

Portia Lack ’83

1988 and 1992 Summer Olympic Games, Handball

Kevin J. Mawae MA '06

Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2019

National Football League (NFL) player

Melvin Pender '76, '97 (Honorary)

Olympic Gold Medalist, United States, 4x100 Meter Relay

Michael Porcelli ’98, M.A.

1998 Summer Olympics, Wrestling (sidelined due to injury)

Philip Reilly ’77, M.B.A.

1984 Summer Olympics, Fencing

Dorothy "Dot" Richardson M.A. '88

Olympic Gold Medalist, United States 1996 & 2000, Softball

Kevin Serrapede

1972 and 1978 Summer Olympics, Handball

Michael Windischman '92

1984 Summer Olympic player, Mens Soccer

Captain of 1990 U.S. FIFA World Cup Team

National Soccer Hall of Fame, Class of 2004

Roby Young '72

Captain of 1968 Israeli Olympic Soccer Team

*Deceased alumni.
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