Adelphi University’s mission for transfer students is to provide equitable, dedicated services and customized support to prepare transfer students for a seamless transition into Adelphi toward a successful path to graduation, and to thrive post-graduation.

We’d like to help  prepare you for a seamless transition during your first year at Adelphi University. You’ll be guided towards a successful path to graduation, and beyond.  The work of the Success Team is coordinated by Andrea Ward, Interim Associate Provost for Student Success and led by the Transfer Student Liaison, Annette Uvena. The team consists of over 20 people dedicated to helping you.

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Interim Associate Provost for Student Success
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Assistant Director of Academic Services
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Office of Student Success

Academic advising gives students the tools needed to create their academic paths, find new interests and succeed. The professional academic advising staff in the Office of Academic Services and Retention are committed to helping students craft a coherent educational plan that allows students to reach their academic goals and make timely progress toward completing their degree.

The Learning Center promotes not only academic success, but also an enriched scholastic experience. We foster critical thinking and the development of creative strategies, and offer a springboard into the intellectual world beyond college through tutoring and skill development. Through the use of tutors and peer support, students can have the enrichment they need for their academic success.

The Writing Center is a free service available to all Adelphi University undergraduate and graduate students. We can assist students in all disciplines to become more effective and confident writers, and to hone the craft of critical thinking in approaching the writing process.

Academic coaching is an interactive process that focuses on the personal relationship created between the student and the coach. The coach challenges the student to think about his or her personal and/or professional goals in order to relate them to his or her academic/educational goals. This is an ideal program for students on probation or at risk of dismissal. Contact Matthew Lavery.

The Learning Resource Program is a fee-based program designed specifically for students with Language-Based Learning Disabilities and/or ADHD. We are committed to one goal: providing college students who face additional learning challenges with the professional expertise required to realize their academic potential and achieve their goals. With over 40 years of groundbreaking experience in promoting student achievement, the Learning Resource Program is staffed with professionals who provide instruction, advisement and counseling. The structured, individualized approach and a low student-to-staff ratio has proven successful in helping students reach their academic and future professional potential.

The Bridges Program offers comprehensive, individualized, academic, social, and vocational support services to Adelphi students who self-disclose with Autism Spectrum Disorder, or Adelphi students who have other non-verbal or neurological-social disorders. This is a fee for a service program

The Office of Pre-Professional Advising and Fellowships (OPPAF) provides support and individual advising for current students and recent graduates who are seeking admission to professional school beyond Adelphi University in the areas of medicine, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, and other health professions as well as law, and assistance with national and international scholarships and fellowships. The Office also is responsible for many of Adelphi’s Early Decision/ Joint Degree Programs.

Student Affairs

Staffed by a psychiatrist, licensed clinical psychologists, social workers, graduate-level social work interns, and doctoral-level clinical psychology interns, the center can provide a student with the services and support to help the student define and accomplish their personal, academic, and professional goals.

Food insecurity can be found anywhere—even on a college campus. Adelphi’s Panther Pantry can help, providing vulnerable members of our community with basic food items, free of charge. The pantry addresses other needs, too, offering personal care products, clothing and household items. All are free for the asking. Just drop by the pantry or order online from our virtual menu. Either way, we’ll protect a student’s privacy, as all pantry use is confidential.

The Student Access Office is a vital campus resource. The Student Access Office achieves our mission by:

  • Providing cost-free assistance and services that are tailored to meet the needs of individuals based on their specific, appropriately documented needs, while preserving Adelphi’s academic integrity and high standards of academic expectations and performance
  • Encouraging independence through the training of students with disabilities to effectively advocate for themselves within the University community
  • Serving as a liaison and resource for the University faculty, staff and administrators to foster a greater awareness and appreciation of issues of concern to people with different needs.

The Health Services Center is dedicated to serving your health needs on a daily basis, while encouraging you to integrate a healthy lifestyle into a student’s personal, academic and career goals. Outside of promoting health awareness, we also maintain a top-tier emergency response team, which responds to any accidents or injuries involving any person on campus. Primary and urgent healthcare, health clearances, routine women’s healthcare, emergency response and wellness education are all part of our mission.

Career Development

The center collaborate with students, faculty, alumni, university colleagues and employers to build partnerships that enhance career development and generate career-based experiential education and employment opportunities for students and alumni. Great résumés are not created at the end of senior year; they are built over four years with the skill development, hands-on experience and career knowledge that comes from choosing the right courses, part-time and summer jobs, internships, community service, and extracurricular activities. Career counselors are available to advise students on their many choices as they build a résumé throughout their years in college. The Center has current information about campus and off-campus part-time employment, seasonal employment and volunteer opportunities. Workshops are offered regularly in résumé writing and interview skills, which prepare our graduating students for the job search. Our recruitment programs, job fairs, online service Handshake and database bring students in contact with a wide variety of employers. Our services continue to be available to all alumni as they consider changing careers or prepare for advancements in their current careers.

Student Accounts

Adelphi’s Registrar staff is committed to providing quality service, maintaining the integrity of academic student records, and protecting students’ right to privacy.

The Office of the University Registrar is responsible for class scheduling, student registration, enrollment verification, grading and academic records maintenance, transfer credit articulation, degree audits, graduation applications, transcripts, changes of program (dropping or adding a course), student data/statistical analysis, veterans benefits, FERPA compliance, and other services.

Adelphi University’s Office of Student Financial Services can help you with the college financial aid process, scholarships, grants, loans and tuition payment. The Office of Student Financial Services is located in the Lower Level of Levermore Hall on our Garden City campus. You can make an appointment with us. Contact student financial services now.

Need tech support? We serve the computing and multimedia needs of Adelphi University’s students, faculty and staff by providing tech support and workshops.  The Help Desk has your back. Our knowledgeable experts are available through phone, email or chat.

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