Orientation for New Students

Orientation for New Students

We are so excited to welcome our newest Panthers to Adelphi.

We are so excited to welcome new students and families to Adelphi!

Throughout this summer, we have great plans for helping you prepare for life as an Adelphi student. Remember—once a Panther, always a Panther!

If you have questions about your orientation experience, email orientation@adelphi.edu.

Orientation Weekend 2024

Friday, August 23 – Sunday, August 25

The three days before the start of Fall classes are dedicated to welcoming and orienting all our new first-year, transfer, and International Adelphi students to our Garden City campus. Your attendance at the full Orientation Weekend is expected and important; please plan ahead accordingly.

Whether you will commute or live on campus, Orientation Weekend includes a mix of required training and workshops as well as fun activities, meet-and-greets, campus exploration, and more. The $325 cost of Orientation Weekend is built into your first-year tuition and is non-refundable.

Register Now for Orientation Weekend!

Panther Portal: The On-Demand Virtual Orientation Experience

Explore the Panther Portal between May 1 and August 1, 2024.

Don’t want to wait until August to start getting oriented? All new first-year, transfer, and International Adelphi students can access our virtual, on-demand orientation experience, the Panther Portal. Learn about Adelphi’s academics, support services, student life, campus safety, financial aid, and more—at your own pace.

There’s also a Panther Portal module for your parent and family members to explore at their own pace.

Matriculation Ceremony

Attendance on August 25, 2024, is only for our new students and is mandatory.

Matriculation is the culmination of Orientation Weekend. This time-honored academic tradition is when Adelphi University—the president, provost, leadership, deans and faculty—officially welcomes you as scholars and members of our community.

Large room willed with students during Adelphi University Matriculation.

Receive a warm Adelphi welcome and make new friends. After a personal welcome from Adelphi scholars, get in the spirit with a fun-filled afternoon of meet and greets, live music, photo booths, free food, and more.

Summer Orientation Updates and Newsletters

New Student Newsletter

Throughout the summer, you’ll receive a weekly newsletter on Monday mornings. The Insider for New Students is packed with essential contacts, resources, deadlines, opportunities, Did-You-Knows, fun facts and more. They’re a great start to your Adelphi journey.

Once classes start, you’ll receive the weekly Insider for Students. Every Monday during the academic year, the Insider will bring you important to-dos, great activities, and life-changing opportunities for your college experience.

Check your Adelphi student email often for important and timely news and to-dos. If you missed any editions of the New Student Insider, you can find all our latest editions here.

Adele Chat Support and Text Messaging

Adelphi’s AI chatbot, Adele, is supported by an extensive knowledge base and human moderators. You can reach out 24/7 to Adele via webchat and, this summer, Adele will reach out to you via SMS (text) messaging. Make sure Adelphi has your correct mobile number on file!

Generally, Adele will only text you when there’s something important to share, but you can always text Adele when you need answers on the go.

New Parents and Families Newsletter

The new parents and family members in our database will receive a weekly Insider for New Parents and Families on Tuesdays over the summer. It’s a great source of important information at your fingertips.

Summer Opportunities and More

Join us on campus between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. for a Mid-Summer Meet-Up.

You’ll make new friends, enjoy fun activities, explore our beautiful campus, learn about some departments, check out student clubs and organizations, and get to know our Peer Assistant Leaders (PALs) who will support your successful college experience.

Our First-Year Community Action Program (FCAP) is offered exclusively to Adelphi’s incoming first-year students before classes begin so you can get an early deep dive into Adelphi’s service-oriented culture. You’ll join a small number of your peers for various volunteer and community service projects in our community, along with some special perks.

FCAP registration is open until all slots are filled, so sign up today!

Explore NY” is a pre-orientation program for out-of-state and upstate New York students, offering immersive experiences in New York City, and nearby attractions from August 20th to 22nd, 2024. It’s a chance for incoming students to build connections and prepare for college life at Adelphi University while creating lasting memories and friendships.

This is a one-day program for first-year students looking to spark their leadership journey. You’ll focus on developing your own authentic path to becoming a student leader who makes a huge impact on the Adelphi community.

Are you planning to commute to Adelphi? Sign up to be paired with a Commuter Assistant—an experienced Adelphi student who will serve as a resource, provide support, and offer mentorship. They can even be an occasional on-campus lunch partner. As you manage life both on and off campus, your Commuter Assistant will stay in touch and assist you in getting involved on campus to the extent you desire.

Everybody can use a PAL. Our Peer Assistant Leaders really help you transition into college life smoothly. They’ll support you throughout Orientation Weekend, get you up-to-speed on everything Adelphi, and make sure you’re ready to navigate life as a Panther.


See what PALs can do for you.

All schedules are subjected to change please check your emails and the website regularly for any updates.

Orientation FAQs

Orientation is designed for our administration, staff, and faculty to help new incoming students transition smoothly into college life at Adelphi. During Orientation Weekend, students are introduced to various aspects of Adelphi life such as academic programs, campus resources, student services, and our community’s culture.

Yes, we expect all our new first-year, transfer and International students to attend Orientation Weekend. The weekend’s events and opportunities provide the foundation for a successful start to your Adelphi experience.

Orientation Weekend for all new Adelphi students (first-year, transfer and International) takes place from Friday, August 23 to Sunday, August 25.

Orientation is not an overnight experience. All resident students will return to their residence halls each night, and commuter students will be able to return home at the conclusion of each day.

The non-refundable orientation fee supports excellent programming and on-campus activities every day and night. It is rolled into your first-year tuition and reassessed each year.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Adelphi University require that all events be accessible. To request a reasonable accommodation, please email orientation@adelphi.edu or, in the case of FCAP, directly contact the event host. Adelphi’s Student Access Office will oversee any necessary and approved accommodations.

Orientation Weekend is geared toward our new students’ experience. A Parent and Family Orientation is planned for August 22-23, 2024.

Yes, our Peer Assistant Leaders (PALs) will be available throughout Orientation Weekend and your entire first year at Adelphi to help you navigate life as a Panther.

Register online for Orientation Weekend.

During our Panther Palooza event, you can learn more about our student clubs and organizations on campus and meet representatives from each to help you decide which ones you want to join.

If you have questions about your orientation experience, email orientation@adelphi.edu.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Adelphi University require that all events be accessible. To request a reasonable accommodation, please contact the event host identified on the event webpage; please allow for a reasonable time frame. The event host, when necessary, will collaborate with the Student Access Office.

On-Demand Orientation Experience

The Panther Portal is open for exploration with the target completion date of August 1. This online resource provides a comprehensive look into Adelphi’s academics, support services, student life, campus safety, and financial aid.
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