Dear Friends,

Letter from Dr. Scott to Virgina Tech President
Dr. Charles W. Steger

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I sent the letter at the right to the President of Virginia Tech.  As a sign of remembrance, we will be tolling the bells 32 times on the Science Building at 10:00 AM on Monday, April 23, 2007 when we will collectively observe a moment of silence.

I also write at this difficult time to share an update on campus activities and services, as well as to inform you about campus safety. I know many of you have shared your thoughts with Lori Duggan Gold and Public Safety on how to improve or modify our policies.  For that, I am most thankful, as our plans will only be stronger with feedback from members of our community. 

I will continue to share important information with the campus about safety measures and alert systems.  In the meantime, I hope you will continue to support each other and keep the victims and their families in your thoughts. 

Dr. Robert A. Scott

Watch a video of the May 7, 2007 special event,

A Campus Conversation
Safety and Services at Adelphi in the Aftermath of Virginia Tech

Students participate in a candlelight vigil in memory of the shooting victims

A scroll made by students of the Adelphi Calligraphy Workshop for the members of the Virginia Tech community

Officers and Plans
We have 34 public safety officers. Our officers are New York State licensed, unarmed, and many are former law enforcement officers. In addition, we have an excellent relationship with the Garden City and Nassau County Police, Nassau County Office of Emergency Management, and other law enforcement agencies. Currently, the Garden City Police Department does have a copy of all our floor plans and Emergency Response Plan.  The average response time to the campus is 2 minutes or less.

Our staff is well trained on our emergency procedures and works in concert with state and federal emergency response agencies. Our staff has been reviewing its policies and procedures as the details of the Virginia Tech incident have unfolded.  These details, while tragic, offer us the opportunity to improve our plan. We are also reviewing how we can ensure that all members of the campus community know what to do in an emergency.

All Public Safety supervisors and officers were updated on our Emergency Response Plan and the emergency contact notification system, as well as the operations of the Emergency Operations Center and all alarms, closed circuit TV, and emergency call boxes were tested.

Video surveillance
We have video coverage of all buildings and high traffic areas on campus.

Alert system
We have emergency call boxes throughout the campus that are directly linked to Public Safety.  In addition, we have the capacity to send campuswide email, as well as systemwide phone alerts. We can also use the public address system in campus buildings where available and appropriate.

You can dial “5” from any campus phone for immediate access to Public Safety. You should also program “911” into your cell phones for speed dialing, as well as 516.877.3511, the number for the Public Safety Booth.  In addition, we are exploring ways to improve our communications technologies, such as text messages and cell phone voice notifications, to reach faculty, students, and staff in a time of emergency.  Details on these programs will be forthcoming.

Coordination with local police departments and other colleges and universities
AU Public Safety was instrumental in organizing meetings that have been held between the College and University Security Directors from both the Nassau and Suffolk County Police departments to address emergence response and to develop ways to increase collaboration efforts, means of sharing of information, ways of recognizing threats and when to decide to intervene.  There will be additional meetings scheduled over the next few weeks, as well as site visits to the Adelphi Campus.  

On-campus education programs
A resident assistant, in conjunction with Adelphi University's Department of Public Safety, hosted a safety-awareness program. Public Safety Officers were on hand to answer students' questions regarding what to do in the event of an emergency on-campus, and also to address any concerns students may have. Lectures were conducted on-campus in regards to workplace violence policies, emergency evacuation procedures, and a special meeting with our international students was held to address any possible discrimination or negative comments that may be made and how to report them to Public Safety immediately. We are making plans to expand this program to help everyone be better prepared for an emergency. At the May 2, 2007 faculty meeting, Public Safety will give an overview of on-campus security measures.

This is a very difficult time, and the Adelphi University Student Counseling Center provides free and confidential services to any student enrolled at Adelphi. It also offers support for faculty who are in a unique position to recognize certain behavior that may indicate students are experiencing distress or problems that require professional attention. The Student Counseling Center (SCC) has developed a referral guide that helps faculty recognize warning signs and provides guidelines they should follow when dealing with students who exhibit these behaviors.

The SCC guide covers the following topics:

  • Recognizing Students in Distress
  • Guidelines for Dealing with Students in Distress
  • What to do if an Overly Agitated or Enraged Student is in Your Office
  • How to Handle Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom
  • What to do in an Emergency
  • When to Make a Referral to the Student Counseling Center
  • How to Deal with a Student who is Reluctant to Seek Professional Help
  • How to Make a Referral to the Student Counseling Center
  • What Can a Student Expect?
  • Counseling Services available for Faculty and Staff

Download the Faculty Guide

For more about the services offered at the counseling center, visit students.adelphi.edu/sa/scc.  The Center can be reached at 516.877.3646 or in the event of an emergency on-campus, call Public Safety by dialing extension 5 on any campus phone or off-campus, call Public Safety at 516.877.3511 or call 911.

A new fact sheet has just been posted to the American Psychological Association  Help Center:  "Tips for College and University Students: Managing Your Distress in the Aftermath of the Virginia Tech Shootings."  Please review this information and consider passing it out to students in your classes/offices. While many students may be dealing appropriately with their feelings in relation to this event, some students may be experiencing difficulty. These suggestions may help.