Donaree Peart, M.S.W. ’10

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Donaree Peart, M.S.W. ’10


I’m currently:
A case manager with the New York City Human Resources Administration, where I primarily provide services to clients who are living with HIV/ AIDS, such as social support and financial, medical, and housing assistance.

I’m a socIal worker because:
I enjoy assisting and helping people who are disadvantaged.

My fondest Adelphi memory:
Receiving the 2010 National Association of Social Workers Student of the Year award and the friendly atmosphere among professors, students, and staff.

Most Important lesson I learned at Adelphi:
Treat clients with the utmost respect and care despite their current situation.

I am passIonate about:
Being in a position where I can empower people to change their lives for the better.

I would lIke to be remembered as:
A kind, loving person who believed in the good of all humankind.

From the 2011 issue of the Manhattan Center Newsletter

Tagged: School of Social Work, Manhattan Center