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Dia Bacon
Tagged: College of Nursing and Public Health, Manhattan Center

Dia T. Bacon


I chose a career in nursing because
when I was young, a lot of my immediate family members were ill, so I visited the hospital often. My grandfather had an exemplary nurse. I’ve never forgotten the care she gave him and the kindness she showed my family. …Years later, my twin sister and I were diagnosed with breast cancer. The nursing care we received, coupled with my sister’s encouragement, inspired me to become a nurse. I want to be a ray of light in the lives of my patients and their families, just as our medical team was for us. 

I like Adelphi’s program because
I’m able to work during the day while pursuing my degree at night. I see my classmates more than I see my family. We’re together every day of the week and have developed a remarkable closeness. 

I’m most proud of
pursuing my second degree and finally fulfilling my calling. It feels amazing to realize my life’s purpose and to work toward living it. 

This piece appeared in the Manhattan Center Newsletter 2013 edition.