Amy Telsey, M.S.W. ’10

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Amy Telsey, M.S.W. ’10


I’m a social worker because:
I have always felt a strong desire to help other people, especially in their most personal struggles and when they are at their most vulnerable. I have had a successful, profitable pet care business for over a decade, and I wanted to do something for a living that gave me a sense of purpose.

My Adelphi experIence has been:
Empowering, challenging, expanding, supportive, and one I am very happy I chose to do.

My fondest Adelphi memory:
The wonderful fellow students I met on the journey to my degree.

My advIce for students:
Take a deep breath, take advantage of how supportive the faculty is, believe in yourself, and you will be proud of yourself at the end.

My role model:
My stepfather. He taught me that I never need to panic (although I still sometimes do). Everything can be handled one step at a time.

I am passIonate about:
Social justice, therapy, and animal rights advocacy.

If I could change one thIng In the world It would be:
People’s apathy to others’ suffering.

I’d lIke to be remembered for:
Being sensitive, funny, and brave.

From the 2011 issue of the Manhattan Center Newsletter

Tagged: School of Social Work, Manhattan Center