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Parents Association Awards

Senior Award Winners with Dr. Scott
1st Place: Emily Ladau
2nd Place: Brooke Jonas
3rd Place: John Lim
and Stephen Zuccaro
From left: Award winners John Lim, Stephen Zuccaro Brooke Jonas and Emily Ladau with Adelphi President Dr. Robert A. Scott.

The Adelphi University Parents Association presents annual awards to graduating seniors.

The Association sponsors fundraising activities geared toward raising money for the Senior Award and the Parent Recognition Award.


2014 Nominations Are Open

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2013 Award Winners

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1st Place Award Winner
Emily Ladau

Emily Ladau hails from West Babylon, Long Island. As an English major in the Honors College, Emily has attained a 3.94 cumulative GPA. Her academic achievement is balanced with a full load of extracurricular activities.  Emily was inducted in Omicron Delta Kappa, winning the ODK emerging leader award in May 2011.

Emily Ladau
Emily Ladau, 1st Place Senior Award Winner

She also is a member of the English Honor Society, C.A.L.I.B.E.R. and Future Teachers Association. Emily has served as a mentor for both the Bridges to Adelphi program and CA.L.I.B.E.R’s Prosper program. Her writing skills were apparent in the very first semester, winning first place for the First Year Experience Freshman Essay Contest, and these skills continued in her role as writing tutor and writing assistant. Emily’s passion to advocate for people with disabilities is apparent in her service on the University’s Committee for Individuals with Disabilities, her internship with Suffolk independent Living Organization (SILO) and her article in The Delphian to encourage a campus-wide movement from “disability awareness” to “disability acceptance.”


2nd Place Senior Award Winner
Brooke Jonas

Brooke Jonas
Brooke Jonas, 2nd Place Senior Award Winner with Kathleen Watchorn, Liaison to Parents Association

A resident of Wantagh, Long Island, Brooke Jonas found her way to success after transferring to Adelphi University. Having struggled with the excruciating pain of fibromyalgia, a scholarship opportunity encouraged by the Office of Disability Support Services gave Brooke the confidence to not only work through her own pain and debilitation, but to excel in her studies. She credits the University with guiding her to find her passion.  She states becoming an intern as well as volunteer in the Long Island Crisis Center was an agency that “all began at Adelphi.”

Brooke is a psychology major who in 2012 completed two studies during Research Day, and completed another study during the 2013 Research Day program which she will be presenting at the New York State Psychological Association this June. She also completed two internship assignments, in 2011 for Long Island Center for Independent Living, and a more recent internship at Adelphi’s Institute for Parenting. Brooke has also been a member of the Psychology Club and Students Today Alumni Tomorrow (STAT). She is continuing her education next fall as a student in Adelphi’s Masters of Social Work program.


3rd Place Award Winners

John Lim
John Lim, 3rd Place Senior Award Winner with Dr. Scott

John Lim
Traveling 23 hours from Malaysia, John Lim remembers the first night he checked into Waldo Hall, relieved to arrive at Adelphi University, and how he immediately began to call Adelphi “home.” From the beginning of his time at Adelphi, John became immersed into campus life, and his involvement included Student Government, Finance Society, Resident Assistant and campus employment at the Performing Arts Center.

John’s contemplation of his own family living across the globe was softened by invitations to join students and their families at their homes for the holidays, and in return, John wanted to “pay it forward,” inviting other long distance students to a dinner party in the residence hall home. The opportunity to meet people well established in the business world is greatly appreciated by John, and he credits Adelphi in providing these valuable connections.  He reflects, “I am so thankful for choosing Adelphi … and the “strong sense of love and attachment” for a place which will “always be home.”

Stephen Zuccaro
Stephen Zuccaro, 3rd Place Senior Award Winner

Stephen Zuccaro
Massapequa Park resident Stephen Zuccaro took heed of the message imparted during Freshman Orientation about the importance of becoming involved, and he connected involvement with his interest in community service. “Right of the bat” in freshman year he got involved in the Freshman Community Action Program (FCAP), first as a volunteer participant, and then for the next three years as FCAP leader.

Around a demanding schedule of theatrical production obligations, his involvement reflected his interest in serving others. Stephen was a mentor in the Performing Arts Mentoring Program and a student ambassador at the AU Scholarship Dinner and the President’s Undergraduate Breakfast. An active member in the Newman Club, Stephen participated in many community service projects, including the Midnight Run to deliver clothes and food to Manhattan homeless shelters. Stephen credits Adelphi for strengthening his “love for theatre and community service.”


Emily Ladau and parents
Emily Ladau and parents
Marc and Ellen

Parent Recognition Awards 2013

Marc Ladau and Ellen Ladau
Excerpt from nomiation essay
submitted by daughter Emily Ladau

“In January 2009, the year I was to begin college, life was a bit more challenging for me than for the average high school senior. Instead of preparing for exams and planning for the prom, I was at home recovering from surgery done to correct a life-threatening abnormal spine cord curvature resulting from a genetic physical disability called Larsen syndrome, which my mother also has.

“My parents encouraged me to push through physical therapy, doctors’ appointments,” and supported the decision to attend college and to live on campus. “I cannot just nominate one parent for this award because we have been one unit throughout my time at Adelphi” – and from the time I was born. “No price can be put on my mother’s love and no salary in the world is worth more than she deserves for all she has done for me.” My father is equally amazing, and “never hesitates to travel to and from Adelphi whenever I need him,” including the time he came straight from work to fix my wheelchair as I was trapped in a tilt position.  “My parents are my role models and heroes, and the respect Ihave for them is limitless.” 

Dr. Scott with Saul and Jonathan Singer
Dr. Scott with Saul and Jonathan Singer

Saul A. Singer
Excerpt from nomiation essay submitted by son Jonathan Singer

Some people in my family may call my father the “glue that keeps the family together,” but my father to me has been more than that, he has been a “friend, leader, professor and more than anything, a dad.” Every day he “made a difference in thousands of families’ lives through his career and volunteer work” especially through a program he created, ‘Intensive Family Services’ with the Nevada Department of Child and Family Services.”

When I was faced with a chronic illness, living 3,000 miles away from home, my dad never backed down to the challenge—interviewing many New York area doctors over the phone to find a world renowned specialist, working with insurance and pharmaceutical companies to defray the cost of a very expensive but vital medication that I required, and encouraging my perseverance.  “My Dad put his life on hold to make my time at Adelphi that much better, telling me that he will work on helping me with the Crohn's paperwork, so that my blood, sweat and tears can go into my schoolwork.”

Dr. Robert Scott; Kathleen Watchorn, Raymond J. Webb, President; Cindy Philbin, Secretary; Jay Dubin, Vice President/Treasurer; nt pictured Salvatore Violo, Vice President
From left to right: Dr. Robert Scott; Kathleen Watchorn, Liaison to Parents Association; 2013-2014 Parents Association Board Members Raymond J. Webb, President; Cindy Philbin, Secretary; Jay Dubin, Vice President/Treasurer; not pictured Salvatore Violo, Vice President


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