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Understanding Attachment and Attachment Disruptions: Using Video Interaction Guidance in Clinical Practice
Susan C. McDonough
, Ph.D., M.S.W., IMH-E® (IV)
October 24, 2014


Hearing and Seeing What Young Children Are Telling Us: An Overview of Child Sexual Abuse Dynamics, Assessment and Treatment
Michele Many, LCSW, M.S.W., BACS
May 8, 2014


Telling Their Stories: How Young Children Communicate Trauma
Theodore Gaensbauer, Ph.D.
April 10, 2014


Overview of the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome- Assessment and Treatment: The Visible and Invisible Consequences
Amy Dickson, Psy.D.
March 6, 2014


Understanding Disorganized Attachment and Caregiving
Judith Solomon
, Ph.D.
February 6, 2014


Children of the Superstorm: Keeping Them in Mind and Looking Ahead: An Infant-Early Childhood Mental Health Response
Keynote: Amy Dickson, Psy.D. Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Director of the Orleans Parish Infant Team
Presenters: Gerard Costa, Ph.D.; Kaitlin Mulcahy, MA, LPC, NCC, Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health, College of Education and Human Services, Montclair State University
November 14, 2013


The Spirited Child: Helping Parents Learn the Secrets to
Effective Discipline

Mary Kurcinka, Ed.D.
April 11, 2013


Narrative Family Attachment Therapy: The Developmental, Behavioral and Affective Sequelae of Early Separation, Loss and Trauma and a Promising Intervention
Michael Trout
May 10, 2013


The Spirited Child: Helping Parents Learn the Secrets to Effective Discipline
Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, Ed.D
April 11, 2013


Families in Motion: The Dancing Dialogue – Using the Power of Movement to Support Communication and Attachment with Infants, Young Children and Families
Suzi Tortora, Ph.D.
March 7, 2013


The Clinical Assessment and Treatment of Preschool Mood Disorders: Developmental and Parental Considerations
Joan Luby
, M.D.
February 8, 2013


The Ongoing Response to Hurricane Sandy: What's Next?
Michele M. Many
, M.S.W., LCSW, and Amy Dickson, Ph.D.
January 11, 2013


Ouch! My Sock Hurts Part II: Strategies for Intervention

Marie Anzalone, Sc. D.,OTR, FAOTA
June 7, 2012


Play Therapy with Children Who Have Experienced Trauma and Loss

Nancy Boyd Webb, D.S.W., LICSW, RPT-S
April 27, 2012

Shelter from the Storm: Effective Interventions with Children Affected by Domestic Violence
Betsy McAlister Groves
, M.S.W.
Friday, March 2, 2012

Foundations for the Future: Understanding Development:
The DIR/Floortime Model

Serena Wieder
, Ph.D.
February 2, 2012


Early Experience, Child Maltreatment, Trauma & the Neurosequential Model for Assessment and Treatment (5th Annual Master Seminar )
Bruce Perry, M.D., Ph.D.
November 3, 2011

Language as an Organizer of Self: Typical and Vulnerable Trajectories

Gilbert M. Foley, Ed.D. and Sima Gerber, Ph.D., C.C.C.
May 19, 2011


Minding the Baby: Reflection and Transformation in the Parent-Child Relationship

Arietta Slade
, Ph.D.
April 7, 2011

Story, Play, and Puppetry: Creating Connections for Enhancing Curriculum and Consultation in Early Childhood

Loretta Wieczner, M.S., C.C.C./S.L.P.
February 4, 2011

Ouch! My Sock Hurts: Sensory Integration and Self-Regulation in Infants and Young Children

Marie Anzalone, Sc. D.
March 11, 2011

4th Annual Master Seminar
Trauma through the Eyes of a Young Child:
and Helping Children and Families

Joy Osofsky
, Ph.D.
October 22, 2010

The High-Maintenance Child, Self-Regulation, and Parenting: The Temperament
Sean C. McDevitt
, Ph.D.
May 14, 2010

Translating Advances in Attachment Research into Useful Tools for Assessment and Treatment in Infancy and Early Childhood
Kate Rosenblum
, Ph.D.; Ann M. Stacks, Ph.D.; Lisa Garcia, M.S.W.
March 5, 2010

Trauma in Infancy and Early Childhood: Developmental Risk and Intervention Strategies
Patricia Van Horn
, J.D., Ph.D.
April 23, 2010

When Young Children Need Help: Consultation with Parents and Teachers; Collaborative Intervention with Three-to-Seven-Year-Olds
Debra Hirschland, M.S.W.
February 4, 2010

Mindsight and Integration: The Heart of Parenting and the Core of Healing Trauma
Dan Siegel, M.D.
October 15, 2009


Making Sense of the Loss: Understanding and Working with Parents of Children on the Autism Spectrum
Michael Mancusi, Marianne Fougere, Dorothea Ianuzzi
June 5, 2009


Postpartum Depression: Essential Knowledge for Assessment and Treatment
Karen Kleiman, M.S.W.
May 1, 2009

Parenting Young Children Whose Lives Intersect with the Child Welfare System: What Children Need
Susan Chinitz, Ph.D.
February 5, 2009

Secure Base Behavior: The Developing Parent-Child Relationships and the Circle of Security Protocol
Bob Marvin, Ph.D.
December 11, 2008

Social and Emotional Development of Infants and Young Children: The Critical Influence of Early Interaction
Edward Z. Tronick
, Ph.D.
October 17, 2008

Changing the World, One Diaper at a Time: A Look at Fatherhood
Jonathan Diamond
, Ph.D.
June 6, 2008

Parental Reflective Functioning and Clinical Practice:
A New Approach to Working With Parents and Their Young Children

John F. Grienenberger
, Ph.D.
May 9, 2008

An Overview of Attachment for Clinical Practice
Morris N. Eagle
, Ph.D.
April 9, 2008

Helping Parents Help Their Young Children Through Trauma
Cynthia Monahon
, Psy.D.
November 9, 2007

Celebrate Families and Children
October 19, 2007

  • T. Berry Brazelton, M.D.
    "Touchpoints in Development: A Model for Early Intervention"

  • Dr. Joshua Sparrow, M.D.
    "Infant and Toddler Emotional Competence: The Basis of Learning from the Beginning of Life"

Special Events

Parent Community Event: Stresses and Supports for Today's Families
T. Berry Brazelton, M.D.
October 18, 2007


Introducing Laura M. Ludlam, Director of the Child Activity Center & Marcy Safyer, Director of the Institute for Parenting
June 7, 2007


Attachment, Mastery, Interdependence
The Parenting Process Model in Work with Infants, Toddlers, Young Children, and their Families
May 17, 2007

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