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Answers to these questions will help you understand reconstructive surgery.

1.What are the types of reconstructive surgery? What type of specialist performs reconstructive surgery?

2.What type is best for me and why (saline implant, gel implant, flap)?

3.Will my insurance cover the cost of these types of reconstructive surgery
4.What chance is there of rejection and/or infection of any implant?

5.Are there any other risks or side effects to consider?

6.What can be done if the operation is unsuccessful?

7.When is the best time for me to have reconstruction? Same time as the mastectomy? Sometime after surgery? After chemotherapy? Before or after radiation?

8.If I do not choose reconstruction, what prosthesis or breast forms are available?

9.Will my insurance cover the cost of a prosthesis?

Answers to these questions below will help you prepare for your reconstruction and follow-up.

1.How many operations are needed? How long of a hospital stay is necessary for each?

2.How much time is needed for recovery after each? Are there any medications to avoid before surgery?

3.Is there much pain after surgery? For how long?

4.Are special bras needed after surgery? Where do I purchase them?

5.How can I expect the reconstruction to look and feel? How will the reconstructed breast compare in appearance with my healthy breast? Will anything need to be done to the healthy breast?

6.Can you show me pictures of reconstruction? May I speak to patients who have had similar reconstruction?

7.Will I be able to detect a possible recurrence after reconstructive surgery?

8.What techniques are available, i.e. x-rays or sonogram?

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