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Answers to these questions will help you understand the reason for radiation therapy.
1. Why is radiation therapy being recommended and what type?
2. Can you explain partial breast radiation? Am I a candidate? Why or why not?
3. Do you think that the size, location, and type of breast cancer I have will respond to radiation therapy?
4. What are the possible short and long-term side effects of radiation therapy?
5. Will there be a problem with skin damage and possible future reconstruction?

Answers to these below questions will help you prepare for the treatment.
1. How long will each treatment take? How long will the whole series last?
2. How soon should treatment begin?
3. Who will be responsible for my radiation treatments? Who will administer them?
4. Where will these treatments be done?
5. Can I come alone or should a friend or relative accompany me?

Answers to these questions below will help you prepare for the treatment’s effects on your lifestyle.
1. What side effects should I expect and how long might they last?
2. What are the risks of this treatment? Are there any possible long term side effects?
3. What are the precautions or prohibitions during treatment (skin creams, lotions, underarm shaving, etc.)?
4. Can I continue normal activities during treatment (work, sex, sports, etc.)? After treatment?
5. Will the cost of the treatment be covered by my health insurance?
6. How often are checkups and tests required after treatment is completed?
7. Will other therapies be needed?

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