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Many people feel intimidated in the doctor’s office – they’re not sure what questions to ask, or forget their questions when they are ready to ask them. These question sheets will remind you of important questions to ask, so that you won’t have to rely on your memory.

Feel free to add or delete questions depending on your own situation.
Take this with you and bring a notebook and pen. Writing down the answers to your questions means you can read and think about them later when you are at home.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of this material please call us. Our trained volunteers and social workers can provide you with information, referrals, support and other written material.

This glossary of frequently used terms will be a great help.

About mammography and digital mammography
To be sure you are getting your mammogram at a quality facility
About breast MRI
If you find a lump in your breast
About breast biopsy
When breast cancer is diagnosed
About getting a second opinion
About breast reconstruction
After breast surgery
About radiation therapy
About chemotherapy
About hormone therapy
About complementary wellness and medicine
About support groups


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