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Answers to these questions will help you understand the reason for chemotherapy.

1.Why is chemotherapy indicated in my case?

2.Does my medical history affect my choices?

3.What is the significance of lymph node involvement?

4.How many of my lymph nodes are cancerous? How many were removed altogether?

5.If my lymph nodes are not involved, should chemotherapy or hormone therapy still be considered?

Answers to these questions below will help you understand the drugs involved and their effects.

1.What drugs will I be taking?

2 Why have you chosen these particular drugs for me?

3.What are the drugs supposed to do?

4.What are the short and long-term risks involved?

5.If I want to become pregnant, what special steps should I take before starting chemotherapy to preserve my fertility?

6.What are the possible side effects of this type of chemotherapy? Are they permanent?

7.Are there drugs for nausea? Is there a special diet that will help me?

8.Which side effects should I report to the doctor immediately?

Answers to these questions below will help you prepare for your treatment and follow-up.

1.How soon should the chemotherapy be started?

2.How and where will the chemotherapy be given?

3.How long will each treatment take? How long will the whole series last?

4.Can I continue to work, exercise, etc. during these treatments?

5.Will I need to be admitted to the hospital during the course of my chemotherapy?

6.Can I come alone for treatment or should a friend or relative take me?

7.Are there places you can refer me to for help with transportation?

8.Are there other special precautions I should take before, during or after chemotherapy?

Can chemotherapy affect my dental/oral health and is there anything I should do prior to chemotherapy?

Will treatment be covered by my health insurance? If I lose my hair, will the cost of a wig be covered by health insurance?

When is the best time to purchase a wig?

When treatments are completed, how often will I need to see the oncologist?

Will you give me a complete written list of drugs and dosages for my records?

Are their special foods that will help me manage side effects?

Can you refer me to a nutritionist?

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