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Answers to these questions will help you play an active role in your recovery.

1.Are there special exercises I should be doing? What type do you recommend? How long should I continue them?

2.Are there any precautions I should take? For example, if lymph nodes were removed, should I avoid getting shots, shaving, having my blood pressure taken, blood drawn or having cuticles cut during manicures on the affected arm?

3.When will I be able to get back to my normal routine (such as driving, returning to work, etc.)?

4.What problems, specifically, should I report to you?

5.How can I get a copy of the hospital pathology report of my surgery and lymph node analysis for my records?

6.What is lymphedema? What precautions do I take to avoid it?

7.Where can I find a breast cancer support group?

Answers to these questions below will help you prepare for follow-up visits to the doctor.

1.If additional therapy is being considered, can you refer me to a medical oncologist?

2.When the additional therapy is completed, who will be responsible for my follow-up care? How often should I return for an exam? For lab tests or x-rays?

3.What tests will be done at these times?

4 What will the tests tell us?

5.What kind of physician should I see for my long-term follow-up care?

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