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Breast cancer support groups provide the opportunity for participants to share feelings, experiences and knowledge, and gain support from others who are in a similar situation. There are different kinds of support groups. The following questions can help you decide if a support group is for you and which type of group meets your needs.
1. Is a support group for me?
2. Do I want a group that is professionally or peer led?
3. Would I prefer a group that meets for a defined period of time with the same people, or a group that is ongoing with people joining at different times?
4. Do I want to meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly?
5. Would I prefer a drop-in group or one where regular attendance is encouraged?
6. Do I want a group just for people with breast cancer or a general cancer support group?
7. Will I prefer a group that is specific to the stage of illness (newly diagnosed, post-treatment, advanced cancer) or would I rather be with people at various stages?
8. Do I want a group that is free or am I willing to pay a fee?

Call the Adelphi Breast Cancer Hotline at 800.877.8077 for help in finding a group in your area that meets your needs.

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