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Are you and your family struggling to communicate about your diagnosis?

Do you feel isolated from other women with breast cancer who wear pink ribbons, because you don’t want to scare them with thoughts of recurrence?

Are you overwhelmed by the side-effects of long-term treatments and pain management?

• Do you want to talk to other women who are living and surviving with metastatic breast cancer?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then our metastatic breast cancer support group may be for you.

Support groups are a safe place for women with metastatic breast cancer to talk about their feelings, share information and meet other women living with the disease.

Most women hear “stage IV” or metastatic breast cancer and think that their future is grim based on statistical outcomes from their doctors. They are left to manage through long-term treatments on their own, often feeling isolated from others in the breast cancer movement.

Metastatic breast cancer is a disease that women can live with and manage the symptoms of, for many years. Some women still work with metastatic breast cancer and remain extremely active. Others change their lifestyle and priorities after diagnosis. The first step in moving forward is getting support.

At the Adelphi Breast Cancer Program we offer individual counseling and support groups, as well as, telephone support for women with metastatic breast cancer.



For more information, please call the hotline at 800.877.8077 or Sandi Kafenbaum, LCSW, Counseling Services Coordinator, at 516.877.4314.'

“The Support Group has helped me overcome my initial shock and despair when I learned that my breast cancer had returned and spread to other areas of my body. At the group I have an opportunity to vent my feelings, learn and share coping skills, gain information and learn about available resources.The group has helped me prioritize what is important to me so that I use my time well, and I now live with a more happy and hopeful attitude...“ –Susan

“I come to the metastatic breast cancer support group because it reminds me that there are other people out there who have metastatic cancer, just like me. I am not alone.” –Denise

“Stage IV metastatic breast cancer is a chronic disease. That’s what I get out of the support group – hope for the future.” –Linda

“I got information about metastatic breast cancer from the other women in the group that I would not have gotten from a hospital or doctor. We shared information about survival. It made the journey less frightening and more hopeful.” –Beth

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