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Hotline: 800.877.8077

Mailing Address:
Adelphi Breast Cancer Program
Adelphi University
One South Avenue, PO Box 701
Garden City, NY 11530-9720

Phone / Fax:
Breast Cancer Hotline: 800.877.8077
Offices: 516.877.4320
Fax: 516.877.4336


• For individual counseling or a support group
  e-mail Sandi Kafenbaum
or call (516) 877-4314

• To volunteer with the program
  e-mail Michelle Lamberson
or call (516) 877-4320

• To speak with a bilingual social worker
  e-mail Lois Goetz
or call(516) 877-4347

• To arrange for community outreach
  e-mail Angelica Medina or call (516) 877-4331 or
Naomi Cunningham or call (516) 877-4371

• For inquiries from the press, e-mail Lyn Dobrin

• For website or social media information,
  e-mail Kimberly Newman
or call(516) 877-4370

• All other inquiries: breastcancerhotline@adelphi.edu


Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer
Hotline & Support Program

All services are free and confidential.