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About Us

If you're concerned about breast cancer, call the hotline at 800.877.8077.

Established in 1980, our program offers emotional support and information to people with and/or concerned about breast cancer.

One-hundred trained volunteers (most of whom are breast cancer survivors) and social work staff have provided these comprehensive breast cancer services for 30 years.

Our goal is to educate, support, empower and advocate for breast cancer patients, professionals and the community.

Founded in 1980 First program in New York State exclusively addressing the psychosocial issues associated with breast cancer

Only New York Statewide Toll-free Breast Cancer Hotline answering almost 4,000 calls each year and over 350,000 web site visits each year

One-hundred specially trained, professionally supervised volunteers, most of whom are breast cancer survivors

Only comprehensive, university-based, breast cancer counseling program in New York State that is staffed by certified social workers and has diversified support groups, individual counseling, and family counseling

Clearinghouse for breast cancer resources and organizations throughout New York State

Community Education Program
Educational Forums
Teen Video: Teens Talk About Breast Cancer
Professional Conferences

Outreach to Underserved Communities

Legislative Advocacy
Local, State and National
Founding member of the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC)
First New York State Grassroots Coor
dinator of the National Breast Cancer Coalition 

The Hotline
Any New York State resident concerned about breast cancer, can call our hotline seven days a week and speak with specially trained, professionally supervised volunteers for information, referrals and emotional support. Because most of our volunteers have had breast cancer, callers can receive emotional support from someone who has had a similar experience.

Questions can be about:

Early detection
Second opinions
Finding an appropriate physician
Insurance coverage related to breast cancer
Locating convenient support groups
Breast reconstruction
Concerns about recurrences
Understanding choices about medical treatment
Anything concerning you about breast cancer
Dealing with side effects of treatment

For additional information, written materials are mailed at no charge from many sources including the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society, as well as our own material.


Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer
Hotline & Support Program

All services are free and confidential.