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Usage Guidelines

The logo should always appear on all media that represents Adelphi University to the outside community. Examples include advertisements, press kits, flyers, invitations, brochures, magazines, etc.

Full guidelines can be found in the Visual Standards and Editorial Style Manual (PDF 1.7MB). Questions regarding the proper application of the logo should be directed to the Office of University Communications and Marketing. Exceptions to the guidelines outlined in this manual will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Office of University Communications and Marketing.

The logo can also appear with the campus location and/or the website listed underneath it.

Please note: Individual events and programs will be given greater flexibility in their ability to create and utilize their own icons. Such icons do not replace the University logo. The Adelphi logo must appear as well as the respective logo in publications, promotions and other items associated with the event or program.

Incorrect Applications of the Logo

The University logo serves as a symbol of the University as a whole, and should not be altered to promote an individual school, department, program or event.

The logo should never be distorted, separated or customized. The logo should not appear with a University slogan or tagline. Use of the Centennial logo is also not permitted. The logo, as well as any other image identifying this institution, should always appear as a high-resolution image, and should never appear pixelated or in any other way distorted. The logo should never appear with additional elements or decorative figures (except for the official athletics logo). The athletics logo should be used only for athletics-sanctioned programs and publications.

University Seal

The University seal should only be used for formal University occasions (e.g., Commencement, President’s Gala, Matriculation) and never in place of the University logo. The seal should not appear on letterhead, promotional items or publications without the approval of the Office of University Communications and Marketing or the Office of the President. The University seal does not replace the logo.

University Mark

The mark of the University (the interconnected AU) can be used on less formal materials such as posters, flyers, leaflets and on other promotional materials. It works particularly well for on-campus audiences. The mark can be reproduced in black and white, in knockout or reversed type, or as a watermark. The mark does not replace the University logo. The Adelphi logo must appear as well as the mark on the respective item(s).

Letterhead and Envelopes

University stationery is ordered through the Service Bureau, which maintains the authorized templates for stationery designs. All University letterhead and envelopes should follow the format described below. University letterhead is black and white, printed on white, 20-pound bond stock. Letterhead does not feature the names of individual faculty and administrators. It features only the name of the unit it represents. The department name and contact information appears in the upper right-hand corner. Departments are not permitted to create or customize their own letterhead. Use of the Centennial logo is not permitted. Use of the vertical (stacked) version of the logo is not permitted. Some departments require color stationery for special purposes. Color stationery should be coordinated with the Service Bureau.

Business Cards

Business cards should also be ordered through the Service Bureau, and are printed according to the basic templates that appear below. Business cards should include a name, title, area or division, business telephone number, fax number, email address and website address.

Adelphi University Business Cards

Merchandise and Promotional Material

Merchandise is any product—shirts, shorts, cups, pens, plaques, notebooks, backpacks, key chains, etc.—intended for sale or not. An official and approved University identifier is required on all such merchandise. Any person, group or department designing, ordering or producing such products must adhere to the guidelines on the proper use of Adelphi’s logo, mark and name treatment as outlined in this manual. Camera-ready artwork is available from the Office of University Communications and Marketing.


For more information, please contact:

Office of University Communications and Marketing
Levermore Hall, Rooms 205-206
1 South Avenue
P.O. Box 701
Garden City, NY 11530
p - 516.877.3693
f - 516.877.3266

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