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American Heart Association Activity Tracker makes it easy!

How to Sign up/Register with your team:
1) Go to startwalkingnow.org
2) Click on “Register”
3) Fill in your information as well as joining ‘Adelphi University’ as your company and fill in your team name.
4) Be sure to: Check the box under Preferences that says “Your employer will be able to see your activity” then click Submit and you’re done!

Tracking Your Steps & Activity:
1) From startwalkingnow.org click on “Activity Tracker”
2) Click on “Activity Diary” to start to enter your weekly activities and to manage your steps.
3) Other features:
  • Create your own walking paths anywhere
  • Save specific walking paths in your area or on campus as your “favorites”
  • Be able to log walking paths right into your activity tracker

Track your Walking Progress
This excel sheet will automatically calculate your weekly totals. If you have trouble opening it would you like us to print you a copy, please contact the Walk Adelphi team.
Download Excel sheet

Count the Calories You’ve Burned
This easy-to-use tool help you track calories burned. Make sure you have the miles walked from your Excel spreadsheet above.

Customize a Walking Route
Not around the Adelphi Campus and still looking to keep up with your walking routine? Customize a walking route in your neighborhood using this amazing tool by prevention.com!

Want to Start a Healthy Diet?
Don't know where to start? Use this basic diet outline to help you get on your way toward wellness!

Know your Body Mass Index
Certainly a quick and useful Health indicator!

Nutritional Content of Any Food Imaginable
The Nutritional Analysis Tool is provided as a public service by the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department at the University of Illinois. The tool is intended to empower individuals to select a nutrient dense diet. It is not intended to replace the advice of a physician or health professional.

For more information on Walk Adelphi, please contact:

Campus Recreation
Woodruff Hall Room 240
p - 516.877.4242

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