Virtual Health and Wellness Center at Adelphi University, Long Island, NY

Services and Resources

The college years are both exciting and stressful for students. Learn more about adapting a healthy lifestyle, dealing with problems and sustaining optimal health.

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Experts in their fields, faculty conduct research, publish significant work and devote countless hours teaching, advising and mentoring their students.  Staff and administrators are actively engaged at all levels of University function, developing and implementing policies and delivering services to students. Learn more about the Health & Wellness resources made available to faculty, staff, and administrators to help them stay healthy and energized.

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Adelphi University is often referred to as the "engaged university." Utilizing the collective expertise of faculty and staff, the University provides professional services to members of the surrounding communities in parenting, literacy, physical and psychological health and more. Learn more about Adelphi's services for the community.

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