Virtual Health and Wellness Center at Adelphi University, Long Island, NY

Committee Co-Chairs

Jacqueline Cartabuke, M.S., ANP
Director of Health Services
p - 516.877.6004
e -       

John W. Wygand, M.A.
Director of Institute of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness
p - 516.877.4275
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Committee Members

Dana Boccio, Ph.D.     
Assistant Professor
Derner Institute
p - 516.877.4832           
e -  

Leslie Boyce
Assistant Director
Recreation Intramurals

Woodruff Hall-Room 241
p - 516.877.4277
e -

Caterina Cusenza
Graduate Assistant
Health and Wellness Peer Education Program

p - 516.877.6009
e -

Diane Dembicki, Ph.D.
Clinical Associate Professor and Director of the MS in Nutrition Program
School of Nursing
p - 516.877.4522
e -

Linda Gundrum, M.A.
Campus Recreation
p - 516.877.4242
e -

Karen Loiacono
Manager Benefits Compensation
Human Resources and Labor Relations
p - 516.877.3229
e -

Meghan McPherson
Coordinator for Center for Health Innovation
Alumnae Hall 230B
p - 516.237.8639
e -

Carla Massena
Resident Hall Director
Waldo Hall

p - 516.877.6704
e -

John Petrizzo
Assistant Professor
Exercise Science

p - 516.833.8158
e -

Teresa Pisano
Alumni Relations Officer
p - 516.877.3408                       
e -

Christine Reslmaier
Web Content Editor
Office of Information Technology
p - 516.877.3740
e - 

Greta Tiberia, LMSW
Coordinator of Substance
Abuse Counseling

p - 516.877.3646
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