Frances Perkins Forum

Educating for Workers' Rights and Economic Justice

  • Young people in U.S. schools learn a lot about the titans of industry who are said to have "built this country," but very little about working-class history of the labor heroes who fought for a more just society.

  • Many young workers do not know how benefits such as the 40-hour work week, overtime pay, retirement benefits, or workplace safety standards were accomplished, and therefore do not have sense of what can be done when benefits are taken away or workplace safety is compromised.

  • Today's youth grow up in a media culture saturated with anti-labor messages and contempt for working-class individuals and culture. Working-class and pro-labor voices are often ignored or belittled within our corporate dominated media.

  • American students are taught how to compete individually but not how to organize for change in our communities, workplaces, or civic institutions.

Occuupy Wall Street

The Frances Perkins Forum loudly counters the silencing of working-class voices and labor interests in the schools. We facilitate professional development forums for teachers, develop creative curriculums exploring issues relevant to working families,and encourage active civic participation by students and their teachers.
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