I. Introduction
Faculty Profiles are a valuable resource for students and prospective students, faculty and administration. The Office of Public Affairs will use it to identify the appropriate faculty to respond to media inquiries.

If you have further questions, please contact the Faculty Center for Professional Excellence (FCPE) at 516.877.4220.

II. Locating Your Profile Online
Where is my profile on the Web site?
All full-time faculty are listed in the directory of profiles located at adelphi.edu/faculty/profiles.
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III. Getting Started
How do I log in?
Logging In:
Log in using your universal password. If you have forgotten your password or do not know your username, please visit our Create or Reset Password page.

Logging Out:
Although the Profile Manager will automatically time out after 30 minutes of inactivity, you should always log out after editing your profile. Click on the red "Log Out" button located at the top of the navigation bar at the left. This will prevent anyone from making unauthorized changes to your profile.

Which categories and fields must I fill in?
Required Fields:
While there are no required fields, it is to your advantage to enter as much information from your curriculum vitae as possible. If a category or field does not apply to you, simply leave it blank and it will not appear when your profile is displayed.

How do I save what I have entered?
"Save and Review" and "Save and Continue"
Hit "Save and Review" or "Save and Continue" on each page after you have entered and/or edited data. Hitting "Save and Review" or "Save and Continue" automatically updates the changes or edits to your profile on the Adelphi website.

To avoid losing data, please remember to first click the "Save and Review" or "Save and Continue" button before you:

  • select a different category from the left navigation
  • continue to the next page
  • review your profile
Always be sure to verify all information.

What is the difference between "Save and Review" and "Save and Continue"?
"Save and Review"
Clicking the "Save and Preview" button at the bottom of each page will save your data and automatically take you to a Review of your profile page to show you the way it will be displayed on the Adelphi Web site. After Reviewing, you will be able to return to specific editor windows to adjust content by clicking the red “Back to Edit Mode Link” in the left navigation.

"Save and Continue"
Clicking the "Save and Continue" button at the bottom of each page will save the information you have entered and automatically bring you to the next category page.

What is the difference between the "Save and Review" button and the "Review My Profile" link?
If you have entered data on a page, you must hit "Save and Review" to review your profile or your data will be lost. Clicking "Review My Profile"—the last link in the left navigation bar—gives you the ability to Review your profile at any time, but will not save your data before taking you to the Review page.

How can I add links to other websites from my Profile?
Certain categories, such as Recent Refereed Articles, will include a specific form field for a url. You can also paste links beginning with http:// into the body of other sections, such as the Personal Statement, for example, and they will automatically display as working hyperlinks within your profile.

IV. Technical Difficulties
Technical Difficulties
If you are having technical difficulties or are receiving repeated error messages when saving or previewing your profile, please send an email to support@adelphi.edu detailing the problem.

V. Other Questions
Other Questions
Please contact the Faculty Center for Professional Excellence (FCPE) with any questions about the faculty profile management tool.
Email: fcpe@adelphi.edu
Phone: 516.877.4220 Close This Window

VI. University Editorial Style Manual
For the University standards on abbreviations, capitalization, tone and usage,
please refer the University Visual Standards and Editorial Style Manual when completing your profile.

VII. Faculty Profile Manager Help by Category

1. Name, Title, and Department
Your name, title, and departmental information are obtained automatically from the Office of Human Resources. You cannot edit this information. If the information shown on your profile is incorrect, you must contact Human Resources.

Human Resources
p - 516.877.3223
e -

2. Contact Information
Your phone, email, and office location are obtained automatically from the Office of Internet Technology and Resources. If the information shown is incorrect, please contact:

IT Help Desk
p - 516.877.3340
e -

3. Add a Photo
As a default, no photo will be shown on your profile page.

A photographer is usually on campus in the fall to take headshots for use in the Faculty Profiles and to be kept on file in the Office of Public Affairs.

Faculty should contact the Office of Public Affairs at 516.877.3693 to schedule an appointment.

If you have a current professional headshot that you would like to use on your profile page, please contact webteam@adelphi.edu.

4. Diplomas/Degrees
Click the red link "Add a New Diploma/Degree."

Enter your lowest degree first.
As you add more degrees, they will be added to the top of the Degree/Diploma list in your profile. When you are finished, your most advanced degree should be listed first.

In the Diploma field, enter the abbreviation for your degree. Include periods as shown in the following examples:


Enter a four-digit year in the Year field.


5. Link to Personal Web Page
To add a link to a personal Web site, type the complete url—or Web address—in the field provided. Please link only to personal pages that are relevant to your teaching and/or research.

If you do not have a personal website and wish to create one, please contact the Faculty Center for Professional Excellence (FCPE) for assistance.

6. Personal Statement
Personal statements should be written in the first person.
A personal statement is not a biography or an article on teaching and learning. A brief statement of your teaching philosophy explaining why, how, and what you teach is acceptable.
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Category: TEACHING

7. Specialization/Interests
In the field provided, list your area of teaching specialization or teaching interests. Please note that research interests are a separate field under Research and Publications.

Statistics, behavior modification and experimental methods.

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8. Research Interests
List your research interests in the field provided.

Unconscious processes in psychotherapy, comparative studies of psychoanalytic treatment and approaches, relationship between supervision and psychotherapy, and qualitative measures in psychology.

9. Grants and Sponsored Research
List the issuing agency, amount and scope for each grant.

U.S. Department of Education grant. The $1 million, five-year grant will provide the funding to enable paraprofessionals to receive bachelor degrees and teacher certification, and to fund graduate education of bilingual education teachers.

10. Books
Click the red link, "Add or Edit My Books."

Fill in the Author field as follows:
One author:
Full last name, first initial.

Smith, J.

Two authors:
Smith, J., & Doe, J.

Edited book:
Smith, J., & Doe, J. (Eds.)

Enter a two-digit month in the Month field.

Enter a four-digit year in the Year field.

11. Artistic/Creative Work (e.g. Exhibitions, Performances, Films, Creative Writing, etc.)
In the Date field:
Enter the year, month and day separated by dashes.

In the Location field:
List the city and the state of the event.

13. Recent Refereed Articles
Fill in the Author field as follows:
One author:
Full last name, first initial.

Smith, J.

Three to six authors:
Smith, J., Louis, K., & Doe, J.

More than six authors:
Smith, J., Louis, K., Doe, J., Raymond, T., Scott, G., Edwards, P. et al.

Enter a two-digit month in the Month field.

Enter a four-digit year in the Year field.

15. Conference Presentations/Papers
In the Author field:
For a Presentation or paper, enter the speaker's last name, followed by a comma, followed by the first name.
Smith, J.

In the Title field:
Give the title of the presentation in quotation marks.
If there is a title within the title or any quotation marks inside the title, transform the inner quotation marks to single quotes ("...'...'...").

In the Conference field:
Include the name of the conference at which the speech was presented, or the sponsoring organization.

In the Place field:
List the city where the conference was held (and the state if the city isn't common).

In the Date field:
Enter the year, month and day separated by dashes.

17. Other Selected Scholarly/Artistic Work
If the defined categories provided within the Faculty Profile Manager exclude any department-related or field-specific research or publications, use the field provided to add your own custom category.
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Category: OTHER

18. Honors and Awards
List any recent professional recognitions you have received.

19. Professional Activities
List any committee memberships and/or leadership positions in professional associations and specify dates of service.

Member, Editorial Review Board for the
Long Island Education Review, 2013.

20. Community and Corporate Leadership
List and elected or leadership positions that you hold in community and/or corporate organizations.

Member, Port Washington School Board, 2013- 2014.

21. Licenses and Certifications
List your professional licenses and/or certifications.

New York State Psychologist

New York State Permanent Certification in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Grades 1-6

New York State Certified Social Worker

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