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There are a number of advisement pitfalls that can give students lots of grief.  There are also things we can do to help minimize student mistakes. The current General Education requirements can be found on the web. The requirements are also available in many University publications. You can check for classes that are closed through C.L.A.S.S.  C.L.A.S.S. can be accessed through eCampus.

Here is a list of some of the items that come up frequently:

1. Except for first semester freshmen NEVER advise a student without reviewing the transcript.  Students’ memories of what they have taken are notoriously unreliable.  Student transcripts are available in C.L.A.S.S.  The evaluation of transfer credits can be found on eCampus. Open eSass and under Admissions open Transfer Credit Entry.  Trust the transcript.  If a student thinks something should be on the transcript that is not there please send them to the Office of Academic Servicess.

2. Monitor General Education requirements carefully.  Every year we have a number of students who cannot graduate because they are missing one or more required classes.  Each one swears they were never informed of the rules.  While it is their responsibility, remind them every semester what requirements are still to be met. 

3. If a student tells you they have Advanced Placement or transfer credits they haven’t sent in yet, push them to have an official report or transcript sent to Admissions.  Otherwise they might end up taking a class at Adelphi and receiving no credit.  Ask to see an unofficial report or transcript to double check students’ memory. 

4. Be aware of the limits on Physical Education Skills (0853 classes) that count toward graduation in each college of the University. Undergraduate credit information can be found in greater detail on the Registrar site. In the College of Arts & Science and the School of Social Work the limit is 2 credits.  Business and Education (except for Physical Education majors) allow up to 3 credits.  Nursing and Derner allow 4.

5. Make certain that students do not take courses Pass/Fail that are, a) required to meet a major or minor, b) that are being used to meet a General Education requirement, c) if they want to be considered for Latin Honors (see #6) and will not have 56 graded credits at Adelphi.

6. Alert all transfer students that they must complete a minimum of 56 graded (not Pass/Fail) credits at Adelphi to be considered for Latin Honors.  The only exception to this standard applies to those transfer students who take 56 credits at Adelphi but whose program requires some classes only offered on a Pass/Fail basis.  In those cases the classes transferred to Adelphi, as well as those taken at Adelphi, will be evaluated for eligibility for Latin Honors.  We have had a number of disappointed transfer students who are not eligible for Latin Honors because they do not have 56 credits at Adelphi or they had 56 credits but elected to take some Pass/Fail.

7. Students from the General Studies program who take 0133-102 and 0133-103 and those in the Learning Resource Program who take 0811-101 and 0811-103 do not have to take English 107 and have 3 additional credits toward the Communications (w) requirement. If the student entered Adelphi prior to 2011 these students will have met the first and second competencies. 

8. Students in the Honors College will meet the General Education requirements if they take all the required Honors classes.  If they drop out of the Honors College along the way be very careful to look at what they have (and have not) taken.  They might need one or more classes to meet the General Education requirements. Levermore Global Scholar students will meet most of their General Education requirements through that program.

9. Joint Degree Programs
A number of majors and/or programs offer an opportunity to achieve two degrees: one from Adelphi and one from another school. These joint programs are challenging but can save students who know early on what they would like to study a considerable amount of time. The programs available are listed below.  The first number listed is the years spent at Adelphi.  The second number is the years required at the other institution.  The same is true for the degrees.

For further information contact:

Robert Schwartz
Office of Pre-Professional Advising and Fellowships
p - 516.877.3140
e - rschwartz@adelphi.edu


  • New York University College of Dentistry
    3-4 D.D.S.

  • Engineering with Columbia University
    3-2 B.A./B.S.

  • Environmental Studies with Columbia University
    3-2 B.A./B.S. or 4-2 B.A./M.S.

  • Optometry with SUNY College of Optometry
    3-4 B.S./O.D.

  • Physical Therapy with New York Medical College
    4-3 B.S./D.P.T

  • Podiatric Medicine with NY College of Podiatric Medicine
    3-4 B.S./D.P.M.

  • Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
    4-4 B.S./D.O.

  • Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
    3-4 B.S./D.O. 4/4 B.S./D.O.

  • New York Institute of Technology
    4-3 B.S.-DPT
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