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Student Services

| Reference Guide to Offices of Student Services

Many offices on campus handle different aspects of student needs.  The following is a description of many of these offices and their functions as related to student needs.

Academic Services and Retention
Levermore Hall, Room 303, x3150
Les Baltimore, Associate Provost, x3142

This office oversees student academic support services. The office can provide back-up to the advisor and answer questions for students. If you are not sure where to refer a student send them here.

Levermore Hall, Room 114, x3050
Christine Murphy, Director, x3056

This office handles students up to the first registration. Questions concerning evaluation of transfer credits or Advanced Placement credits should be directed to the Office of Admissions.

Levermore Hall , Room 303, x3150
Les Baltimore, Associate Provost, x3142

Each student is assigned a faculty advisor. If a student wants to change her/his advisor s/he can request a change from the Chair, Dean, or Office of Academic Services. Students who have not yet declared a major are advised by advisors in the Office of Academic Services and the Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. General advisement issues or problems can be brought to the Office of Academic Services or the Dean's Office.

Career Development Center
Post Hall, x3130
Thomas Ward, Director, x3131

The Career Development Center works with students from their start at Adelphi with counseling and information so that each student can make informed choices about their academic programming and their career goals.  Students will find literature, tests, and career counselors and a resume builder in the Center.  The Career Development Center also helps with on-campus work for students, including Work-Study, and with internships.

(Levermore Hall, Lower Level, x3080)
Mary Barca, Director of Cashiers, x3277

This is where students pay their bills. (They can also pay on-line through CLASS.)  This office works with students with past due accounts and handles financial petitions.  Please note, an academic change can have financial impact.  Refer students to this office if they are not clear of the financial impact of their actions.

Financial Services
Levermore Hall, Lower Level, x3080
Sheryl Mihopoulos, Director, x3365

The Financial Aid Office works with students seeking Financial Aid, including state, federal and university grants and scholarships as well as assisting with billing concerns related to tuition and fees. Work-study is given through Financial Aid, though jobs are listed in Career Development. The “I” Desk (Information Desk) is open everyday for questions and assistance. Financial Aid has a newsletter with up to date information and services.  It runs workshops for students during the semester. Call for dates and times. Many course changes can affect financial aid.  If there is any questions about the impact of a course change (add/drop/withdrawal/change in load), please call the Information Desk for advice.

Health Services
Waldo Hall, x6000
Jacqueline Cartabuke, Director, x6000

The Health Services Center provides health care and health education for Adelphi students.  A nurse is on duty 24 hours daily throughout the academic semesters. See the Guide to Student Life for a more complete list of services.

International Student Services
University Center, Room 106, x4990
Wendy Badala, Assistant Director, x4990

International Student Services provides a wide variety of services for international students.  The ISS office is the liaison between the international students and the Department of Homeland Security.

Learning Center
Earle Hall, Lower Level, x3200
Matthew Lavery, Director, x3202

The Learning Center seeks to enhance the academic experience for all students through content tutoring in areas across the curriculum; basic skills assistance (time management, test-taking, etc.); and satellite programs like "Grad Prep" for students preparing to take the GRE, MCAT, GMAT, LSAT, DAT, etc.  Peer tutoring is provided by highly successful undergraduate and graduate students vetted by overall and subject area GPA, faculty recommendation, and completion of a training program. Nominations of potential tutors by faculty are encouraged. Each semester, workshops in a range of topics are also offered. See the web-page for details and more information. All services are free of charge.

Pre-Professional Advising and Fellowships
Levermore Hall, Room 303
Robert  Schwartz, Director, x3140

The Office of Pre-Professional Advising and Fellowships (OPPAF) provides support and individual advising for current students and recent graduates who are seeking admission to professional school beyond Adelphi in the areas of medicine, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, and other health professions as well as law, environmental studies, and engineering. The Office also helps students who are seeking distinguished fellowships.

Psychological Services
Hy Weinberg, Room 318
Jonathan Jackson, Director, x4820

The Center for Psychological Services provides confidential counseling for all Adelphi students.  Individual, couple and group sessions, and psychological testing for learning disabilities are offered at no fee to Adelphi students.  This office works with Student Counseling Center (see below).

Public Safety
Levermore Hall, Lower Level
Gene Palma, Director, x3500

The Office of Public Safety is charged with keeping the campus safe. Any concerns about safety, violence or crime should be directed here.

Levermore Hall, Lower Level, x3300
Jill Glatter, x3308

The Registrar’s Office handles course registration, course changes, class schedules, transcripts, student academic records, changes of biographic and demographic data (addresses, name, major), graduation applications, and general information about course loads and policies.  The staff directs student to appropriate offices for additional assistance or signatures.

Residential Life
Earle Hall, Room 100, x3650
Guy Seneque, Director, x3651

This office assigns rooms and manages the residential halls, If a student has an issue regarding roommates, inability to study in the dorms, or anything else related to residential life this is the office to refer them to.

Student Counseling Center
University Center, Room 310, x3646
Carol A. Lucas, Director, x3145

The Student Counseling Center provides free individual and group therapy, consultation and assessment, crisis intervention, alcohol and drug counseling, and referrals to both on and off campus resources.  It also houses a peer counseling program.  This is a good place to send students who are under a lot of stress.  The Center works with Psychological Services.

Student Affairs
University Center, Room 106, x3660
Jeffrey Kessler, Dean, x3151

The Dean of Student Affairs oversees areas related to co-curricular services and programs for students.  Major areas included are:  Residential Life and Housing, Health Services, Student Activities, Orientation, Commuter Student Affairs, Judicial Affairs, Cultural Resources (International Student Services, Multicultural Affairs, Interfaith Center), Center for Students with Special Needs, Student Counseling Center (Counseling, Referrals, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention), University Center, Auxiliary Services (Dining Services, Bookstore, Conferences).  For questions or information about these areas, contact the Office of the Dean or staff in the appropriate area. 

Students with Special Needs
University Center, Room 310, x3145
Rosemary Garabedian, Coordinator, x3145

Students with verifiable special needs will find a variety of support services including extended time for tests, help with rooms or parking stickers, books on tapes, etc.

Study Abroad
Alumnae Hall 111, x3486
Barry Stinson, Director

Encourage your advisees to consider spending a semester abroad.  If they can’t spend a semester, there are opportunities in the summer and January term for shorter experiences.  Financial aid can be used for study abroad.

Writing Center
Earle Hall, Lower Level, x3296
Mary Wyeth, Director, x3294

The Writing Center helps students of all abilities learn to use writing more effectively in all aspects of college life.  The staff of peer tutors works with students in the process of writing essay assignments, lab reports, cover letters, graduate school admissions essays, job applications, or any other important written material.  The Writing Center can also help faculty develop the use of writing as a pedagogical tool in their classes and suggest strategies for writing clear assignments.

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