Faculty Advisement Handbook


| What is in the Handbook for Faculty Advisors?

In the following pages, you will find basic information for students; resources that are available to them; where to go for help for special needs or problems; some academic information; the academic appeals process to waive rules; registration cautions. And more.

Other reference guides that support good advisement are:
Academic Adelphi: all freshmen receive an electronic copy of Academic Adelphi: Your First Year.  In addition to a listing of courses required for each major, Academic Adelphi has information on regulations, career planning, and minors, and of course, general education requirements. The General Education requirements are described in this book and can be accessed on the web.

Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins: published by the University semi-annually and a legal document on University policies and procedures. In addition to School and Major course listings, these Bulletins contain Financial Information and the Academic Rules and Regulations of the University.

Guide to Student Life:  A publication of the Office of Student Affairs, the Guide to Student Life gives an overview of co-curricular possibilities; a review of campus life policies and procedures; and the rules and regulations guiding student life.

Directory of Classes:  published electronically each semester by the Office of the Registrar, the Directory of Classes contains a listing of classes that will be offered that term, an academic calendar, and important information about University policies and procedures. The classes are also available on CLASS.

Familiarity by both students and faculty with all academic policies is a critical element in academic success.  Information on GPA requirements, degree requirements, Latin Honors, dates relating to course add/drops, etc. and other policies are available in at least one of the following:

All students are responsible for knowing and complying with all University regulations.

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