Faculty Advisement Handbook

Academic Polices

| Student Procedures for Petition Process

Academic regulations are established by the University to maintain and enforce academic standards and are adhered to rigorously. If special and unique circumstances occur, any individual student has the right to petition for a waiver of a regulation. The University has the right to turn down any petition on the grounds that the circumstances are not compelling enough to warrant an exception to that regulation.

To petition for an academic waiver of academic regulation, the student must do the following:

1. Consult with the Undergraduate Bulletin or Graduate Bulletin to be sure the student understands the academic policies and regulations.

2. Meet with the major advisor or chair to discuss your request.

3. Submit the petition package to the academic administrator in the Dean’s office of the student’s major.

Meet with the administrator when you submit the petition.

Arts and Sciences: Asst. Dean Ruth McShane, Science 127
Derner Institute: Asst. Dean Christopher Muran, Hy Weinberg 303
Prof. Francine Conway, Blodgett 212A
General Education: Assoc. Dean Charles Shopsis, Science 123
General Studies: Dan Rosenberg, Director, Science 328
Education: Assoc. Dean Patricia Ann Marcellino, Harvey Hall 214
Business: Pat Joyce, Dir.of Undergrd. Programs, Hagedorn Hall 109
Asst.Dean Brian Rothschild, Hagadorn Hall 117
Nursing and Public Health: Dean Patrick Coonan, Alumnae Hall 220
Assoc. Dean Steven Holzemer, Alumnae 230D
Social Work: Prof. Sergio Argueta, Soc.Work Bldg. 229
Asst. Dean Bradley Zodikoff, Soc.Work 221
Undeclared: Asst. Dean R. McShane, Science 127
University College: Assoc.Director Emily Wilson, Hagedorn Hall 201

Please note:

• The academic approval of retroactive drop/withdrawals does not imply a right to a refund.

• The academic approval of retroactive adds may consititute new or additional financial obligation to the University.

• Instructor consent or support does not mean the petition will be approved.

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