Adelphi University Commencement 2012

Where to Sit

Commencement Office
Please view the diagram of Nassau Coliseum (PDF 319KB), from a prior year’s ceremony.  The diagram is color-coded to show where each school will be seated on the floor.  We thought this might be helpful for you when you enter the Coliseum so that you can head for a section close to where your graduate will be seated.  The names of the schools are also painted on the floor around the perimeter of the floor seating, but if you know where you’re going, it will save time.  The diagram is cropped to magnify the floor plan.  The Coliseum is an oval, with the stage at the right end of the oval, and Sections 107-112 at the other end of the oval.  Although there are 3 levels of seating at the Coliseum, only the first level, the 100’s, is shown.  For instance, Section 102 is closest to the floor; directly behind it is Section 202; behind that is Section 302. 

Please note: Section 101 is reserved, but Section 201, immediately behind it, will be open.  Seating behind the stage is closed.

There are no 'bad' seats at the Coliseum, because the entire event is broadcast on a 4-sided video screen that is ceiling-mounted above the center section of the floor seats.  When your graduate goes up on stage to be announced and congratulated by the Dean, the Provost, the President and a member of the Board of Trustees, that image is projected on the video screen, your graduate will be photographed at 3 different points by Grad Images. After a short delay for preparation of the film, the Commencement ceremony will be broadcast on Adelphi’s website.

Where the Graduates Will Sit
Note the following colors:

  • Arts & Sciences – (near Section 102) orange

  • School of Nursing – (near Section 103) brown

  • School of Social Work – (near Section 104) yellow

  • Derner IAPS – (near Section 118) green

  • School of Business – (near Section 117) blue

  • University College – (near Section 116) yellow

  • School of Education – (near Sections 114 and 115) pink

The student processional enters at the opening in Section 102X.

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