Adelphi University Commencement 2012

What to Expect on Commencement Day

Adelphi University Commencement 2012
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Friday, May 18, 2012, 10:00 a.m.

Tickets are not required at Adelphi's Commencement Exercises, but photo ID is recommended for attending adults.Seats will be first come, first served. All degree candidates wear Adelphi's brown academic robes. You should have your robe, your cap and tassel, and your hood (no hoods for Associates degree candidates). Bring the yellow card provided by Grad Images that you received when you picked up your cap and gown.

Parents, family, and friends of the candidates should plan to arrive at Nassau Coliseum by 8:00 a.m. Parking is free, but allow time for traffic congestion. Traffic to enter the coliseum will be slow, so please give yourself enough time. Take note of where you are parked, and plan a place to meet outside the coliseum with your group after the ceremony.

The Coliseum takes precautionary measures to insure the safety of the public. NO backpacks or large bags will be permitted in the facility. Coliseum Security staff may visually inspect purses and small bags of any of the attendees.

Candidates for graduation wearing Adelphi's brown academic robes enter the Coliseum through Gate 5. Faculty and students proceed down the escalators to the lower level, turn right, and right again into the Expo Center (PDF 201KB) to gather with their academic units and line up for the processional.

Entry to the Lower Level of the Coliseum is restricted to the candidates for graduation, faculty, and platform party. Family members and guests enter through Gates 7-10 after 8:00 a.m., and should proceed to the seating area in the Coliseum Arena.

Make sure you have a yellow photographer's card filled out. You will hand this to the announcer on stage who will announce your name, and the contact information will be used by Grad Images to send you your proofs. A purchase may be made if you wish, but the final selection of photographs is an individual choice. If you forgot to bring your card, there will be blanks available in the Expo Center at the Coliseum. If you have any questions after the ceremony about your pictures, you may call Grad Images Customer Service at 1.800.261.2576 or visit their Grad Images website.

Note that the photographer's card permits a phonetic spelling of your name. Please use this option to help the announcers pronounce your name correctly. PLEASE WRITE CLEARLY and DON'T MANGLE THE CARD, or our hard-working announcers, Professor Maggie Lally and Professor Brian Rose, won't be able to read your name.

Robing: Please watch the video for "Preparing for Your Graduation Ceremony." The video discusses the ceremony guidelines and shows you how to wear your academic attire.

If you have a question once you arrive at the Expo Center, simply ask an usher or marshal—they will be wearing black robes.



9:00 a.m. Processional begins

Student Processional
Candidates for graduation process according to school, and within each school, by degrees.  Each academic unit is led by a faculty marshal, carrying the banner of that school.  The members of the faculty of Adelphi University follow.  The candidates for Certificates of Advanced Graduate Studies process first, followed by the candidates for master’s, bachelor’s, and associate’s degrees.  The schools process in order of their founding dates:
  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Social Work
  • University Libraries (faculty only)
  • Gordon F. Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies
  • School of Business
  • University College
  • Ruth S. Ammon School of Education

Procession of the 50th Reunion Class
Platform Party Procession
Greetings from President Scott
National Anthem
Greetings from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Greetings from the Provost
Greetings from the Chair of the Faculty Senate
Greetings from the President of the Class of 2012
Greetings from the 2012 Graduate Student Representative
Conferring of Honorary Degrees
Keynote Speech
Recognition of the 50th Reunion Class
Presentation of Alumni Award
Conferring of Degrees
Alma Mater

Please remind your guests to stay for the entire ceremony. The last graduate is just as important as the first.

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