Adelphi University Commencement 2011

Commencement Video

If you experience difficulty playing the video below, please try viewing on the Adelphi University YouTube Channel.

Commencement Speeches:

Devin Thornburg Ari Shaiken 

Devin Thornberg
Speech begins at 1:05:20

“Differences matter…don’t settle for arguing that you are blind to those differences in life. We have much to learn from others who differ from ourselves. Within those differences all of us have the equality of human rights.“

Ari Shaiken
Speech begins at 1:13:33

“Adelphi has taught me that sometimes things may not go your way, but if you fight through adversity and you are determined, you will always get a second chance“

Angela Cintron Chuck D

Angela Cintron
Speech begins at 1:19:57

“My plan was to come to school, keep my head down, get my degree, and leave. Fortunately for me, life doesn’t always go as planned. I ended up spending more time on campus than I did anywhere else…my life revolved around Adelphi.“

Chuck D
Speech begins at 1:37:53

“You hear celebrities talk about swagger. Y’all got the real swagger. This is something to swagger with“
Senator Schumer President Scott

Senator Schumer
Speech begins at 1:47:36

“You are graduating with…big advantages…two thirds of all the people in your age group don’t get to go to college, and the third who do, most of them haven’t received as good an education as you.“

President Scott
Speech begins at 1:58:54

“I have seen you grow in skills and abilities; advance in your knowledge, both expert and general, and refine your values – respect for others, a commitment to justice, teamwork, the talent to disagree without being disagreeable.“


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