Adelphi University Commencement 2011

Meet the graduates

JohnRyan Rodriguez '12
JohnRyan Rodriguez '12

What is your hometown?
Brentwood, NY


Bachelor of Science


Why did you choose to attend Adelphi:
I actually transferred to Adelphi from SUNY New Paltz. Adelphi was my second choice in schools and they accepted me right when I called to inquire about the transfer. It was a pretty easy and smooth process. I knew Adelphi was a good school and what really got my attention were the strong business connections, internships, and job opportunities that the School of Business had. There have been a lot of changes to Adelphi since I have been here and I think they all have been for the better. From remodeling and expanding two of the old buildings, in addition to the PAC and Sports Center, where I am currently a Supervisor, to remodeling the dining halls and adding two new resident halls, these changes have only reinforced my belief that I am happy I came to Adelphi.

When and how did your interest in your major develop?
It actually started in high school because I was a part of a club called DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) which is like a Business Olympiad. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. I had become the President of the club my senior year and I placed 3rd in the State competition in Rochester, NY in the area of Careers and Finance Management.

Did you complete any noteworthy internships or study abroad programs?
I was able to get an internship at Merrill Lynch during my spring semester junior year at the Park Ave Office in Mid-Town New York. It was a great experience to be a part of the working corporate world and it helped me grow as a person, develop better communication and time management skills, and gain professionalism too.

Describe your experiences at Adelphi with the faculty and/or your classmates?
I have had great experiences with all my classmates and professors. One thing I have to say I like about Adelphi is the small class sizes. It really helps create a more personal teaching style and the professors can really engage the class. In many of my classes we have had to do group projects which have made many of us business majors close. These really gave us a hands-on experience of working in groups to come together to present, for example, our analysis of a company or asset allocation of a student investment fund. All of my professors have been accessible even outside of the classroom hours and they are willing to take the time to help. I am currently taking two independent study courses so I can graduate on time, and I have been able to meet with the professors to ask questions and start a discussion on the topics.

Did you work while going to school? Please elaborate.
I have always worked during my college years. Although I didn't dorm on campus, I needed to help my parents pay for the tuition and other expenses that come with being a commuter. I was able to get a job working at campus recreation and intramural sports and, within a year, was able to work my way up to a supervisor position. I also did side jobs during the summer months in construction, remodeling and landscaping, and with a photo booth company called Incredibooths, during my senior year. I was also able to start working part time as an associate at World Finance Group, basically doing what I want to in my field of study—I am building my career and business while still finishing up strong at Adelphi.

What accomplishment are you most proud of during your college career?
It is hard to pin point one accomplishment because I have made my college experience more than just going to class and work. I have had the opportunity to be a part of many great talks and trips to see top level management from the Controller of Bank of New York Mellon, to Live Nation's Vice President of Finance, and even was able to take a class with James Riley. I am active on campus as well and have been able to hold a few executive board positions that have allowed me to establish myself as a leader among my peers and on campus. I am currently the President of the International Professional Business Fraternity on campus, Delta Sigma Pi, which has helped me develop skills that I have been able to use in my collegiate years and I know I will carry through to post colligate endeavors.

Plans after graduation? Please elaborate.
I am planning on continuing to grow my business at World Financial Group and to help families in the market that have been widely underserved by traditional financial businesses. I plan on going full-time there soon and my goal within the next two to three years is to have a big enough team working with me that I can go out and open my own office.

What are your aspirations/dream job?
I feel as if I already have my dream job: I am able to work in the field that I originally wanted and I have been able to learn and grow so much in the one year that I have been there. It is great to know that you are doing right by the consumer, and I know that over the next 20 years there will be so many people between Nassau and Suffolk counties alone that can use simple financial help. One of my major aspirations, however, is to bring my dad back to being with his family. Due to the hard economic times we have been seeing, his company went through a major downsize and relocation that moved him away from his family and now he is living and working in Michigan.

What types of extracurricular activities are you involved with?
I am a student supervisor at both campus recreation and intramural sports. I was a member and held the position of Vice President of the Finance Society and, in spring of 2010, I was initiated as a brother of Delta Sigma Pi where I held the positions of VP of Community Service and now President. I played intramural sports and am a team member of the Men's Club Soccer team at Adelphi.

How do you handle such a full schedule with a rigorous academic curriculum?
Great question. Honestly I don't know. Looking back at all of the great experiences and things that I have been able to accomplish, it seems ridiculous to say I did it all. But I think it has to be a testament of how I was raised and my outgoing, hardworking, and dedicated personality. I am definitely happy to say that through all of these great experiences I have been able to maintain a high cumulative GPA.

Do you have any hobbies?
I am very athletic and love to play sports—any sport! In my free time I can be found in the gym working out and one thing that I recently started to pick back up is playing an instrument. I had played the trombone for about seven years and once college started it was one of the things that I stopped doing. I also love going snowboarding. Anyone who knows me knows that it is something I am always talking about, even in the summer months.

What awards/honors have you received?
Flynn & Zito Scholarship
John A. Weisz Scholarship
Adelphi University Grant
Herbert Perlman Award
Dean's List
Delta Sigma Pi Empire Region Collegiate of the Year

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