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Pierre Streat '08
Takes on The Street

Pierre Streat '08 is a firm believer in the power of teamwork, whether on the tennis court or in his fledgling career as a Wall Street financier.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the finance major and member of Adelphi’s men’s tennis team prefers playing doubles to singles.

"I like teamwork, having a sidekick and making it happen together," says Mr. Streat.

His propensity for working in tandem with others is what appeals to him about his forthcoming position as an operations analyst, a position he likens to being the "hub of the company," for Lehman Brothers.

As an operations analyst, Mr. Streat says his work will include everything from processing trades, making sure that clients have enough equity to merit the amount of money they borrow based on market prices, and assessing the value of financial instruments as security prices change.

"If you think of Lehman as an hourglass, operations is the smallest part in the middle that everything must flow through-we’re small but extremely important," he says.

The native of Christ Church, Barbados, chose to attend Adelphi because he was offered a tennis scholarship, among other reasons.

"They had the major that I was interested in," he says. "It was close to the city. It was the perfect match, knowing that I wanted to go into finance and work on Wall Street."

Mr. Streat began his college career as a computer engineering major at the University of the District of Columbia, before transferring to Adelphi and reading a book that literally changed his life. Based on a friend's recommendation, Mr. Streat picked up a copy of Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, which sparked his love of finance.

"I read it, and it changed my path," he says. "It basically talks about what matters more; acquiring wealth and not how much money you make every year. (The Rich Dad) saved a lot more money than he spent, but rather spent most of his time researching various investment opportunities. It’s a huge sacrifice, but is definitely worth it."

Besides his beloved tome, Adelphi Professors Ganesh Pandit, Harvey Heinowitz, Winston Waters, and Adjunct Professor Robert Goldberg cemented his interest in finance and investing.

"Professor Robert Goldberg taught me about the financial markets and teaches the seminar in finance," says Mr. Streat. "He's great. His acquired knowledge from the Street is clearly visible, an asset that not too many professors own."

As for Professor Heinowitz, he says, "Professor Heinowitz is also very knowledgeable and thorough when it came to financial topics. He’s definitely one of the top professors here."

Mr. Streat's post-graduation goals include enjoying his experience at Lehman Brothers and learning what he can to one day open his own asset management or investment banking firm.

He advises students to follow their hearts and dreams, no matter what others say. Mr. Streat also shrewdly advocates forging lasting ties with others.

"Good relationships with people are also very important," he says. "You can't think that you can just go out there and get things done on your own—networking is very important."

Photos by Willson Lee
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