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Gergana Kostova '08
Bolstering Bulgaria's Future Through Entrepreneurship

Gergana Kostova '08 is a born leader. Early on, she decided that the best means of proving her innate managerial skills to the world was to immerse herself in the field of management and computers. Her dream is to bring her own blend of entrepreneurship to her native Bulgaria.

"I want to have my entrepreneurial business, do something by myself, not be a part of a huge business," she says.

The outdated information taught in Bulgarian business universities made her view the Bulgarian educational system with skepticism. The prospect of learning cutting-edge organizational skills prompted Ms. Kostova to complete a bachelor’s degree in management with specialization in management information systems at Adelphi University School of Business.

Coming to the U.S. in pursuit of knowledge helped Ms. Kostova become more systematic in her studies.

"When I came here, I was not very organized," she says. "I found school is much easier, and I could do much better if I became a little more organized."

Her 3.83 GPA demonstrates her mastery of organizational skills.

Adelphi gave Ms. Kostova the tools to achieve her entrepreneurial dreams by offering her a well-rounded education. She gained knowledge of business planning and strategy from her management courses and analytical thinking skills from her Honors College courses.

"Adelphi was a good start for graduate school," says Ms. Kostova, who was accepted in the doctoral program in management at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Ms. Kostova wishes to return to Bulgaria, open her own business, and apply the innovative ideas she acquired in her Adelphi classes.

"I think I would feel better in Bulgaria, close to my friends and relatives," she says.

She owes her strength to her supportive parents, who gave her the freedom to decide what she wanted to do, and to her professors, Honors College Dean Richard Garner and Associate Professor of Business Dennis Payette, who fostered her education and made her believe that she can do everything.

Photos by Willson Lee
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