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Jessy Augustine M.S. '07 (School of Nursing)
Nursing Her Dreams

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Jessy Augustine M.S. '07 approaches the podium in her cap and gown, lowers the microphone and looks out into the thousands of people in the audience of Nassau Coliseum on May 21, 2007, a day that will live on in memory for Adelphi University's Class of 2007 graduates.

Perhaps the reason for her grin is not just the fact that she was chosen to address the graduates, their families, and friends, but because in moments she would graduate with a master’s degree in nursing, a degree that took four years of hard work, dedication, and support from her family to achieve.

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Not only was Ms. Augustine a student at Adelphi, but she is also a wife, a mother of two preteen children, and a full-time R.N. at Mount Sinai Hospital in Queens, New York. Inspired by her two aunts, sister, and brother, all of whom who are nurses, Ms. Augustine wanted to pursue her goal of obtaining her master's degree to show her children that with motivation and help from Adelphi’s faculty, all can be accomplished.

"I have been a nurse for over 20 years," said Ms. Augustine, who wrote her master’s thesis on psoriasis, a skin disease. "You get a lot of satisfaction by helping the people who are helpless, and it is a great feeling to see the patients under your care get better."

According to Ms. Augustine, compassion and empathy are the virtues every nurse should have. She illustrated both of these traits during her long nursing career and clinicals, during which she did everything from taking patients' histories and performing physical exams to making diagnoses and prescribing treatments.

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In a couple of years, she plans to once again grace the stage in a cap and gown, but this time for her doctorate degree. Until then, she hopes to tend to her gardens, take a much needed vacation to India to visit her family, and work out at Adelphi’s fitness center.

By Erin Lounsbury '07

Photos by Willson Lee
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