Adelphi University Commencement 2012

How to Purchase a Cap and Gown

Adelphi Graduates

Participation in Commencement requires the appropriate academic attire. At Adelphi, this means our custom brown cap and tassel and a gown with a gold embroidered Adelphi seal and hood of your discipline. (Students receiving associate degrees are not required to wear a hood.)

The best time to purchase your graduation regalia is during Adelphi's annual Grad Fair, which will take place April 2223 at the Adelphi University Bookstore,, or the Manhattan Grad Fair on May 2 and 4. You'll be able to pre-order your class ring and purchase your required graduation attire, souvenir tassels and diploma frames and a Stole of Gratitude. Under this tradition, you can show your appreciation to a parent, professor or other special person in your life by wearing a stole over your robe during graduation and presenting it to them afterward.

At the fair, you can also get a jump on your life as an Adelphi alum by joining our Alumni Association.

Students at Adelphi's other off-campus centers can choose to purchase their attire at the bookstore or have it shipped to their respective campus.

» Offsite Cap and Gown Order Form (PDF 317KB)
(for Manhattan, Suffolk County and Hudson Valley graduates, shipping to residence only)

Pricing Packages

  • Associate cap, gown and tassel: $50
  • Bachelor's cap, gown, hood and tassel: $69
  • Master's cap, gown, hood and tassel: $74
  • Souvenir tassel (optional): $6.95
  • Stole of Gratitude (optional): $25

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