GI Stories

Steve Lacoff M.B.A. '75

In 1973, as my LIRR train pulled into Jamaica station, my car stopped opposite a billboard for Adelphi University that advertised their Edu-Train program. My friend took down the number and later that day called me and told me that we could enroll in Adelphi and go to school on the train and get VA education benefits. After dispelling my disbelief, we both enrolled and for the next three years I was a regular (even going into the city in the morning on vacation weeks). Perhaps the best part was that the VA considered two classes (six credits) as full-time. The program was so user-friendly that, in June 1975, I was able to graduate with an M.B.A. in Management (although I had enough credits to take my degree in finance). Going to Adelphi was a great experience and has been a great help in my career.

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