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Sustained Reputation as an Excellent, yet Affordable University

It is imperative that Adelphi remain accessible to talented students of all backgrounds. Enhancing the quality of Adelphi's curricular and co-curricular offerings, without ballooning tuition rates, requires that the University continue to be fiscally prudent; value optimal use of assets across space, place, and time, including the recently opened centers for performing arts, and sports and recreation; and develop non-tuition revenue sources. In the next five years, Adelphi will continue to pursue philanthropic opportunities, particularly through the Annual Fund and the Campaign for Adelphi University. In addition, Adelphi will seek to increase funding from grants and sponsored research, as well as expanded continuing education offerings, pre-college programs, and camps in the summer and during the academic year.

Operate in a Sustainable Fashion

Increase Alumni Involvement

Develop Revenue-Generating Continuing Education

Expand Pre-College Summer Programs to Promote the University and Meet Institutional Goals

Increase Grants and Sponsored Research

Increase Overall Philanthropic Support to the University