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Student Success in a Range of Educational Goals

An Adelphi education must appeal to today's students who are career-focused, community-minded, and well versed in technology. An Adelphi education must also be nimble enough to meet the demands of careers that may not yet exist. Through real-world experience, in addition to classroom learning, students will gain the knowledge, skills, abilities, and values they can use to achieve success in their future pursuits. Adelphi will leverage its rich array of academic programs, student services, and deep community ties to increase experiential and cooperative learning opportunities. The University will seek new opportunities for student social and cultural exchanges. With new centers for recreation and sports, the performing arts, early learning, and fine arts, Adelphi will offer high impact cultural, educational, and recreational programs.

Increase Opportunities for Undergraduate Students to Have Experiential and Collaborative Learning Opportunities Consistent with Academic Standards and Career Goals

Enhance the Overall Educational Experience of Adelphi Students Through Services, Cocurricular Activities, and Facilities

Identify Potential Programs for Off-Campus Centers that Meet Student/Employer Demands and Serve as a "Destination" for Other University-Related Activities that Help Fulfill Our Mission