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Relevance in a Changing World

From its inception, Adelphi has been responsive to student aspirations and societal needs. In order to secure its place as a leader in higher education, Adelphi must adapt its programs and structure to better meet the demands of today's technology-driven, global, and interconnected economy and society. The ability of our graduates to successfully navigate these connections, emerge as leaders, and make contributions to the public dialogue will become the hallmark of an Adelphi education. Further, the University will solidify its position as an engaged community partner by seeking new and expanded programs, delivery methods, and affiliations that serve the broader public. The University will also continue to encourage the diversity of its students, faculty, and administration to allow for the infusion of multiple perspectives into its curriculum and operations.

Enhance Adelphi's Information Technology Capabilities to Meet Student and Faculty Needs and Expectations

Target Instructional Technology and Online Learning Opportunities for Development

Target Programmatic Initiatives for Development that Address Emerging Societal, Economic, Informational, and Demographic Changes

Strengthen Adelphi's Role as a Significant Resource for Current and Timely Analysis, Advanced Education, and Training Across the Region

Increase Emphasis on Global Learning Across the Curriculum and Beyond the Classroom

Promote Diversity in Personnel, Curriculum, and Services